The 6 Pillars of Decorum

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By: THURSD. | 16-09-2020 | 2 min read

Quality has always been the focus for Decorum and its growers. Sustainable cultivation full of passion and care for the product are values that our growers stand behind for the full 100%. Sustainability is also becoming increasingly more important for the market and society. The efforts of our growers are reflected in energy-saving activities as the recycling of packaging and cultivation material, the use of natural pesticides, and the efficient use of water and sustainable heat sources.


The 6 Pillars of Decorum - decorum and sustainability - quote


Decorum & Sustainability

Decorum has developed a sub-brand called Feel Green. Products can only carry this logo if they comply with all relevant sustainability requirements in the environmental, social, and business areas. This ensures green of the highest quality and with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

A Sustainable Brand

Learn more about the Decorum sustainable brand and the 6 Feel Green pillars.


Cleaner energy makes our world a better place. Feel Green growers use renewable energy sources as much as possible. The sun and geothermal energy are our biggest friends. Why not use these sources?


Re-using water makes this world a better place. Water is becoming more and more scarce. Feel Green growers purify dirty water and use rainwater as much as they can to grow plants.

Pest Control

Fewer chemicals make this world a better place. Feel Green growers use the power of nature to protect their crops. Good insects eat bad insects and that is good for the environment. Decorum is working to minimize the possible effects of plant protection on people and the environment. Our joint goal with the growers is to achieve complete biological protection.


The Decorum Feel Green packaging is in line with the sustainable mission, which is why we are constantly looking for biodegradable and renewable materials. Feel Green growers use less plastic. The packaging (trays) in which the plants are supplied are made of cardboard and wood pulp. This makes the packaging 100% recyclable. Less plastic makes this world a better place.


Feel Green growers have a GAP and MPS SQ certificate. This means they do whatever they can to use as little energy as possible and provide good working conditions for their employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Decorum products are grown with attention to fair and healthy working conditions. Our growers contribute a lot to corporate social responsibility. For example, there are companies that are committed to a local sports club or a community center. There are also growers who work for the incapacitated for work, they give these hard workers a chance in the labor market. Moreover, there are also growers who work hard for the rights and circumstances of people in other countries. This way, Decorum growers contribute to local, national, and international society.



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