The Bloom Together Event Was a Huge Success

This initiative is all about showing how networking, collaboration, and a strong floral community can make a big difference.

By: THURSD. | 27-03-2024 | 5 min read
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The "Bloom Together Event" is an annual gathering in the City of Doral, showcasing the strength of collaboration in the floral industry. Against the vibrant backdrop of Miami's tropical ambiance, this event highlights how working together can create connections, collaborations, and a sense of community among professionals in the floral business. Conveniently located near WF&FSA, and FDC, The Doral Yard is providing a great opportunity for informal networking, reconnecting with old friends, and showcasing the global significance of Miami and Doral in the floral market.

Thursd as a Witness 

This event is super special because it shows how everyone in the flower industry can help each other out. It's like catching up with old friends, making new friends, and working together to make the flower world better. 


Recap Bloom Together Event Doral Yard
photo @newbloomsolutions, link to event video here.


The Bloom Together Initiative, spearheaded by Sahid Nahim founder of New Bloom Solutions, emerged amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by his belief that the floral industry should persist despite adversity. In a testament to his dedication, Sahid conducted up to three interviews daily, broadcasting live on Instagram and in support of one of his local wholesale clients to maintain consistent engagement within the floral community. As WF&FSA reemerged, Sahid envisioned a cohesive gathering, culminating in the inaugural Bloom Together event, fostering a vibrant community of floral industry experts united in celebration and support of each other and the industry's continued growth. 


"Move a needle and create a ripple, and create a huge wave when you do it with many together. For me not only The Bloom Together Event is important, but also our Floral Calendar, I've invested months of work in it, and I'm really happy with all the partnerships. The Bloom Together Initiative is all about showing how networking, collaboration, and a strong floral community can make a big difference. It includes three main parts: The Bloom Show, The Floral Events Calendar, and The Bloom Together Event. Each part helps to show that when we collaborate together, we can create change and make united progress in the floral industry."

Contributors and Collaborators for The Bloom Together Event

This initiative extended beyond mere events; Sahid orchestrated roundtable discussions commemorating Women's Day for the fourth year and more, amplifying the platform's significance. Anchored by New Bloom Solutions, characterized by innovation, connectivity, business growth support, and comprehensive blooming services, the Bloom Together endeavor is thriving and looking forward to more growth and impact in the near future...

Collaborators Creating Community

The Bloom Together event initially boasted 15 sponsors and 45 attendees, and Sahid's vision for a united community resonated profoundly. Aligned with WF&FSA's FDC week, collaboration burgeoned, attracting 54+ collaborators and contributors. This collective effort propelled the subsequent Bloom Together event to astounding success, drawing over 400 attendees—a testament to the power of unified action. Don't forget to watch the event's recap video for a list of sponsors and a sneak peek into all the fun and networking that took place. 


Sahid's ethos encapsulated in the maxim "When you do a little bit each, you get a lot when you do it together," underscored the transformative potential of collaboration. His aspiration transcended local bounds, aspiring to inspire the floral community in Miami, Doral, and beyond, showcasing what collective effort can achieve on a national and global scale.

The ambiance of the event was enhanced by the collaboration of five companies, meticulously planned and coordinated by Alore Events. Creations by Rosaprima featured stunning tree designs adorned with Rosa Primas' signature roses, complemented by Valley Springs Hydrangeas throughout the event. Esmeralda Farms' impressive installation and table decor added to the allure of the Doral Yard venue, while Astranova's exquisite bar decorations provided the finishing touch, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Additionally, the registration desk was beautifully accented with Jet Fresh Grower's hippie roses.


Design Rosaprima for The Bloom Together Event


Poems, Bingo and More

The Bloom Together Initiative exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and community spirit, serving as a beacon of inspiration for the floral industry and beyond. There was a bingo game, where you had to have a photo of each of your networkers, so that was fun. 

The event exuded a delightful atmosphere, with attendees basking in a relaxed ambiance, fostering connections, and relishing each other's company. Sahid Nahim, reflecting on the occasion, underscored the significance of unity within the often segmented floral industry. He emphasized the value of sharing a common interest, recognizing it as a unifying force.

Adding a touch of poetic charm to the affair, the event highlighted the presence of a poet, acknowledging the profound importance of emotions and sentiments in today's world. Notably, this poetic contribution was graciously sponsored by Stellar Farms and Daniel Travieso, exemplifying how collaborators can enrich the event experience.

Moreover, the collective efforts and synergies forged through collaboration yielded tangible benefits beyond the event itself. Sahid proudly announced that thanks to the generosity and support of all involved, the charitable contributions exceeded last year's total, close to doubling the impact. They raised $4700 which will be split between Seed Your Future and American Floral Endowment. The American Floral Endowment donation will be made to The Sue Conyers Memorial Fund. 

"On behalf of the AFE Trustees, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Sahid and his team, as well as the industry organizations who supported this year's Bloom Together Event. As a charitable organization, we rely on the generosity of the floral industry to sustain our vital research and programs. This collaborative event not only bolsters our initiatives, but also serves as a platform to reach out to those unaware of the impactful work we undertake."

Says Debi Chedester, CAE, AAF
Executive Director, American Floral Endowment


Vip Booth for The Bloom Together Event


This remarkable achievement underscores the transformative power of collaboration and collective action, not only in enriching industry events but also in making a meaningful difference in the broader community.

In essence, the event served as a testament to the potential of collective endeavor, where shared interests and collaborative spirit converge to create moments of inspiration, connection, and positive impact. 



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