Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions Present 2024 Calendar of Floral Events

Opportunities open to all sectors of the flower industry allow for active participation in floral community-driven projects.

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New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers Present 2024’s Calendar of Floral Events

It's the start of a new year, and just like in previous occasions, 2024 also presents a fully packed calendar of floral events that will, without a doubt, mesmerize all those who are passionate about flowers, after all, you wouldn’t really want to miss out on that flower feeling! The 2024 Floral Industry Events and Floral Conventions Calendar, an industry collaboration presented by the collaboration of Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions, alongside a host of other partners, has officially been released

This calendar's second edition is a notable addition to the 'Bloom Together' initiative, which fosters networking, collaboration, and community in the floral industry. From floral retailers to front-line farmers, the collaboration between Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions partners with its clientele and associates at every part of the floral industry to help transform their organizations, embed innovation into all they do and successfully build flower businesses that thrive.

The Idea of the Floral Industry Events Calendar and Its Implementation

The concept of the calendar was initiated by a conversation between Sahid Nahim, the President of New Blooms Solutions (NBS), and David Legge of DWF Wholesale at the Society of American Florists (SAF) Convention 2021. 

Here are Sahid's insights on the partnership between New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers.


Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions​'​ 2024 Calendar of Floral Events
New Bloom Solutions' President Sahid Nahim (left) with Thursd's Regine Motmans, Marcel de Romph, Melissa Maingot, and Arnold Wittkamp.
Photo by The Produce News


Currently, more than eight partners have thus far contributed information and insights to the project, exemplifying a commitment to collaboration industry-wide. In essence, the calendar allows players in the industry, and those keen on participating in the events to add floral convention dates to their calendars so they can seamlessly organize their entire year of floral events. 

The floral industry events calendar includes floral activities and conventions such as WFFSA FDC 2024, Floriexpo 2024, SAF Convention 2024, Next Gen Live!,  IFPA 2024, IFTF 2024, Winter Fair Royal Floral Holland, Atlanta Market 2024, IPM 2024, PHS Flower Show 2024, Slow Flower Summit 2024, Wedding MBA,  and many more. It practically serves as a vital tool in the mission of guiding professionals to significant opportunities for connection, growth, and building a thriving floral community.


Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions​'​ 2024 Calendar of Floral Events
Scene at a past Royal FloraHolland floral fair.
Photo by @royalfloraholland


There were challenges in compiling the calendar, acknowledges Sahid, particularly regarding the need for more updates from some event organizers. And to counter this, various methods were engaged, including social media and direct outreach, to ensure the inclusion of a comprehensive range list of floral events and conventions.

Recognizing the floral events calendar as a dynamic and evolving project, Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions have also invited the floral community to participate in its ongoing update through changes and contributions for new floral events and conventions. Accordingly, suggestions for improvements or notifications of overlooked events can, also, be sent to [email protected]


Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions​'​ 2024 Calendar of Floral Events
Flowers by That Flower Feeling campaign.
Photo by @thatflowerfeeling


Why, One May Ask, Are the Collaborative Efforts and the Calendar Important?

This calendar is a crucial component of the 'Bloom Together' initiative and is designed to keep the floral industry interconnected through events like the Bloom Together Event, as well as other efforts and collaborations. And just so you know, the Bloom Together Event is happening this year for the fourth time on March 4th during the FDC WFFSA and it is open to the entire floral community as a collaborative effort.


Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions​'​ 2024 Calendar of Floral Events
A showcase of floral beauty.
Photo by @ipmessen


More than that, given that  Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions are both committed to supporting collaboration in the industry, this calendar serves as a crucial cog in these efforts. It provides floral industry professionals with information on essential sourcing, networking, and educational events allowing for a more informed and connected floral community.

Even so, New Bloom Solutions still invites interested parties to explore sponsorship opportunities for next year's calendar and to support the Bloom Together Event this year, as earlier indicated, as the initiative provides a platform for those in the flower industry to demonstrate their support for collaboration and building community in the floral scene.


Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions​'​ 2024 Calendar of Floral Events
A participant at the 2022 Floriexpo.
Photo by @floriexpo


Here’s How You Can Access the Calendar

Accessible as of January 4th, the calendar is downloadable through the 2024 Floral Industry Events and Floral Conventions Calendar link and includes a feature allowing industry professionals to contribute updates and information on various floral events, conventions, and shows.

Sponsors and collaborators in the project’s compilation include Deliflor, US Greens, NextGen Live, CalFlowers, Jet Fresh, Pollen Talent Recruiting, DWF Wholesale Florists, That Flower Feeling, BallSB, Astronova, Dutch Flower House, Produce News, Chrysal, Floral Daily, and, of course, Thursd.


Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions​'​ 2024 Calendar of Floral Events
A floral event organized by WF&FSA


So, feel free to download the calendar or share its link with your customers and your community. Plus, don’t forget to mark the dates and accordingly plan your schedule to not miss any of these upcoming spectacular floral events and flower conventions.


Above All Flowers and New Bloom Solutions​'​ 2024 Calendar of Floral Events


Feature image by WF&FSA, header image by CalFlowers.



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