The Need-to-Knows of Rose Red Tacazzi+

An interview with the breeders Dümmen Orange.

By: THURSD. | 30-03-2021 | 6 min read

There are a lot of 'need-to-knows' and 'nice-to-knows' about the new rose Red Tacazzi+ by renowned breeder Dümmen Orange. High time for a conversation with marketing manager Rokus Hassefras and account manager roses Niels Pennings about the next best red rose from Africa.

The Tacazzi+ Line

Everyone who has ever seen or bought the original cerise-colored rose Tacazzi+ knows its decoration value.


Rose Red Tacazzi Dümmen Orange quote on Thursd

The rose was an instant hit when it was launched back in 2015. During the growing process, several mutants popped up over time. These were successfully multiplied into varieties that we now know as Pink Tacazzi+, Sweet Tacazzi+, and Peach Tacazzi+. All amazing colors, but the 'holy grail' would be to get a red one.

Red and white are the dominant rose colors in the world, so having a red variety of the popular Tacazzi+ rose would be a great asset to this line. And in 2019 it happened on a farm in Ethiopia.



Crossing and Mutating

Rokus Hassefras:

"Getting a new rose is only possible in two ways; by crossing or mutating.

The crossing process is done consciously by us at Dümmen Orange. If you cross several roses you will end up with a whole new variety.

Mutating is a coincidence; one flower in a whole field has a deviating color or shape. Mutants are directly related to the variety it was supposed to become, but something went 'astray'. Mutants are great news because they are a gift of nature. These mutants are given the same name as the original. Rose Red Tacazzi+ was a mutant in a field of Pink Tacazzi+, so we can still call it a Tacazzi+ variety."


Niels Pennings:

"When a mutant pops up somewhere, this flower is brought to us for testing and multiplying. We check the mutant's stability - does the new color stay on or is it mutating back to its original color? We check the mutant's shelf life, the way the flower opens, and its resistance to diseases like botrytis. In general, we check if the DNA of the flower is just as strong as its sibling."


The Need-to-Knows of Rose Red Tacazzi+ by Dümmen Orange


The Discovery

It is amazing to hear how one single mutant, one unique flower, can become the next best red rose from Africa. And it might not have happened at all, if not an employee of Holla Roses in Ethiopia in 2019 noticed the deviant colored flower in a batch of already cut and selected roses, took it out of the bucket, and secured it for shipment to Dümmen Orange in the Netherlands.

One mistake and you would not be reading this story right now.


"When we first saw the red mutant of Tacazzi+ over here we said "Wow!" Our next reaction was more rational. You have to be careful when a mutant arrived. Like I said before, so many things can happen. But surely, the color red gave us a unique opportunity.

We started very carefully analyzing, testing, and reproducing this mutant. Over time, we became really enthusiastic again, because the reproduction was a success."




"In a way, it makes sense that the color of this new Tacazzi+ variety is darker than its elder varieties. A color usually mutates within the lighter spectrum or in the darker range. You see the same development with the Avalanche+ series, for instance. It is unlikely that the white rose Avalanche+ will have a red variety one day."

The Sunbird

As you all will know, perhaps not, a Tacazze is a little bird, commonly known as a Sunbird. Although the bird itself is found in several African countries around the equator, the name is derived from the Tekezé River in Ethiopia. As with many species in the world's fauna, the male Tacazze carry a colorful plumage, while the females are dressed in grey-brownish feathers.



The Main Properties

To sum up the unique selling points USPs (Unique Selling Points) of Red Tacazzi+, you might go back in time a few years to the introduction of the first Tacazzi+ rose.

It's a fun fact that - except for the color - all attributes of this original rose are transferred to the next Tacazzi+ varieties. Otherwise, it would not be a Tacazzi+ sister, but a whole new type of rose. So, what counted then, still counts.


"We as breeders are bound to give the facts about this rose that are cast in stone. These are proclaimed as the USPs of the flower. Its USPs are principally aimed at potential growers. Things like 'How to get as much out of the product' matter for a grower.

It's the job of the marketers further in the floral chain to add the experience of the flower itself to it. Superlatives about beauty, fragrance, or size are always subjective, always someone's opinion. We at Dümmen Orange stick to the facts."


Dümmen Orange Rokus Hassefras 2021    Dümmen Orange - Niels Pennings

Rokus Hassefras (left) and Niels Pennings


So, what are the facts? This is what Dümmen Orange communicates:

• This rose can reach a stem size of up to 80cms
• It's an easy-to-work-with flower due to a low number of thorns
• Transportability is very good
• The flower will always open
• It has a vase life that exceeds 14 days

Dümmen Orange does not speak about the decorative values that are showing in full glory when the fringed rose opens with a beautiful swirl, somewhat similar to a parrot tulip. Perhaps they should have called this flower a 'parrot rose'.

They also do not speak about how Red Tacazzi+ hypnotizes you with its fiery dark red color, shouting out passion and making you feel like you are in a lush African garden surrounded by sunbirds. That part of inspiration is up to the imagination of florists and consumers who are the lucky ones to own the Red Tacazzi+.


The Need-to-Knows of Rose Red Tacazzi+ by Dümmen Orange


Grown in Africa


"The Red Tacazzi+ production started at Holla Roses in Ethiopia in 2020. This was the place where the mutant was discovered.

So, Holla Roses has the scoop. For the time being, they sell all their Red Tacazzi+ at the clocks of RoyalFloraHolland, so everyone can get them.

At this moment, we are also testing Red Tacazzi+ at different altitudes in Kenya. When we know the test results in Kenya, we will know which grower profile would be fitting. This has to be a stable grower, who is able to daily supply steady numbers of Red Tacazzi+ to the markets with steady quality and size. The big value for both the grower and Dümmen Orange is that we all profit from the result, which is a good market position."



Why Should a Florist Buy This Rose?

Isn't that the million-dollar question? How to convince florists to go and ask their suppliers for this new Red Tacazzi+ rose? Niels Pennings gladly shares his list of reasons to buy this new rose:

"With Red Tacazzi+ we aim for florists and for the better retailers. Florists will find this an easy-to-work-with rose, with only a few thorns, and not susceptible to damage. And the uniquely fringed bloom opens nicely in different stages. Like it knows when to shine in a store for a few days and fully open up in a living room, in an office, or at an event."

But since you are a curious florist and you are constantly looking for novelties, that's already the perfect reason to go and get them. A big chance that you already know the rest of the Tacazzi+ family, so give Red Tacazzi+ a warm welcome too.


The Need-to-Knows of Rose Red Tacazzi+ by Dümmen Orange


Rose Red Tacazzi banner on Thursd


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