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Choosing Cymbidium orchids for International Women's Day goes beyond the act of giving. It symbolizes a recognition of the enduring strength, unique beauty, and remarkable purity of women.

By: THURSD. | 28-02-2024 | 3 min read
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International Women's Day stands as a beacon, illuminating the achievements, struggles, and resilience of women across the globe. It prompts us to acknowledge their invaluable contributions with gestures that resonate with their strength and grace. To celebrate this day, the choice of gifts becomes paramount. The Cymbidium orchids, with their burgeoning popularity, and especially the pink and white varieties, present a poignant symbol of appreciation and recognition for the remarkable women in our lives.

Pink and White Cymbidium Orchids Are Emblems of Grace and Purity

Cultivated with care by experts like Ronald Ammerlaan in the Netherlands, the Cymbidium orchid, especially in its pink and white varieties, transcends mere visual appeal. These orchids, known for their resilience and the longevity of their flower, epitomize the enduring strength, grace, and purity of women. Sometimes, the contributions of women are often undervalued, and presenting a pink or white Cymbidium can be a profound gesture, symbolizing:

"Your enduring strength, grace, and purity shine as brightly as the beauty of these orchids."


Ronald Ammerlaan with Pink Cymbidium
Grower Ronald Ammerlaan with Pink Cymbidium


Symbols of Unique Beauty and Integrity

Orchids are celebrated for their exotic allure and rarity, qualities that Cymbidiums embody magnificently. Their vibrant, large flowers and rich hues serve as a testament to the unique and irreplaceable roles women play in our lives. Each bloom narrates a tale of resilience, beauty, and natural elegance, mirroring the distinct and invaluable essence of each woman. By choosing these orchids, you acknowledge the unparalleled beauty and integrity that women represent.

Cymbidium in Floriography

In the language of flowers, floriography, which is a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers, the white Cymbidium orchid symbolizes purity, elegance, beauty, and love. It's often chosen for its sophisticated appearance and its association with these positive qualities, making it an ideal gift for conveying admiration, respect, and a deep appreciation for the recipient's grace and integrity. The white Cymbidium can also represent good luck and is frequently used in bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements to signify the pure bond between the couple.


Ronald Ammerlaan Assortment
Part of IWD's top sellers from Ronald Ammerlaan's assortment


The pink Cymbidium symbolizes affection, joy, and admiration, while the white variety stands for purity, elegance, and integrity. Gifting these orchids on International Women's Day sends a message of deep appreciation, respect, and recognition of women's myriad contributions and their unwavering spirit.



Thoughtful Care and Dedication by Ronald Ammerlaan

The meticulous cultivation process at nurseries like Ronald Ammerlaan's, characterized by a harmonious blend of peace and precision, ensures these orchids are of the highest quality. This dedication mirrors the ongoing efforts to honor, uplift, and empower women. Offering a pink or white Cymbidium orchid symbolizes not just a momentary gesture but a journey of appreciation and recognition of the challenges women face and their triumphs over them.

In an era where environmental awareness is paramount, Cymbidium orchids stand out as sustainable gift choices. Their exceptional vase life and minimal requirements for artificial heating or lighting make them an eco-friendly option. Their resilience and disease resistance further minimize the need for chemical treatments, aligning with the values of those conscious of their ecological footprint. Gifting these orchids signifies a commitment to sustainability and honors women's role in advocating for a more responsible and aware society.


A bee on Cymbidium
A bee on a Cymbidium flower shows the eco-friendly cultivation of the Cymbidium plants.


Cymbidiums Are The Quintessence of Sophistication and Purity

Choosing Cymbidium orchids for International Women's Day goes beyond the act of giving. It symbolizes a recognition of the enduring strength, unique beauty, and remarkable purity of women. These orchids embody thoughtfulness, respect, and a deep appreciation for the roles women play in our lives and society. Let these flowers express your admiration and gratitude for the women around you on this special day, serving as a lasting tribute to their resilience, grace, and contributions.



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