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By: PETER VAN DELFT | 07-02-2024 | 3 min read
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Valentine Cymbidium

Today's visit took me to the absolute top in cymbidium orchid cultivation, where I had the opportunity to engage with Ronald Ammerlaan, the proprietor of the nursery with the same name.

Cymbidium, also for Valentine!

This nursery is celebrated for its extensive selection of large-flowered cymbidiums, boasting an impressive variety of seventy different varieties. They cater to significant floral occasions throughout the year, offering early blooming types for notable days like November 1st, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, and Women's Day, as well as varieties that flower later in the season, perfectly timed for Mother's Day.

The spectacular Cymbidium 'Valentine' is one of the top-selling flowers of this period and an amazing large flowering Cymbidium.


Cymbidium 'Valentine'
Cymbidium 'Valentine'


Ronald Ammerlaan's Experience

His expertise in orchid cultivation is evident at the nursery, where the growing season spans from September to May. Post-growing season, the focus shifts to maintaining the health and vigor of the plants. A vital part of this process involves Ronald dividing plants that are over a decade old, repotting roughly a quarter of the collection, and refreshing some of the stock. This business is steeped in family tradition, which dates back to 1977 when Ronald's father first started cultivating cymbidium orchids. It's a passion shared with his five brothers, who are also involved in growing these exquisite flowers. Ronald's own journey in this family legacy began in 1985 when he started leasing a section of his father's greenhouse to grow his orchids. Ronald succeeded in becoming the absolute top in Cymbidium growing and is a well-respected grower of this amazing orchid flower.

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Where do Cymbidium Orchids Come From?

Cymbidium orchids are known for their resilience to cold weather, flourishing predominantly in the winter and spring. These orchids are indigenous to the subtropical and tropical areas of Asia, spanning countries from China and Japan to Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Borneo, and even parts of Australia.


Ronald Ammerlaan picking his Cymbidium


Cymbidium orchids stand out for having the broadest diversity of flower types and the most species among orchids. Originating in ancient China, they are predominantly native to the Himalayan Mountains and surrounding forests. The Asiatic varieties were initially sourced from China, Japan, and Korea. During the Victorian era in Europe, the cymbidium orchid gained immense popularity, even being dubbed the "King of Fragrance" by Confucius. The orchid saw significant hybridization, with most notable hybrids emerging in Europe, where cultivating them became a hobby for the upper class. These hybrids also gained popularity in Australia, the Netherlands, and parts of California.

Breeding Cymbidium at the Nursery

At Ronald Ammerlaan's Nursery, there is a strong collaboration with the breeder Floricultura, offering over thirty varieties of cymbidium. These varieties are specially bred for the cut flower market. Thanks to advanced breeding techniques, there are now cymbidiums with larger flowers, longer-lasting blooms, and a wider array of colors than ever before. But, Ronald Ammerlaan doesn't just cultivate cymbidiums; he also engages in his breeding efforts. He takes great pride in his nursery and the exceptional quality of his plants. Currently, he has four of his own cymbidium varieties in production.



A Stellar Reputation

His reputation in the wholesale industry is stellar, often described as the go-to source for cymbidiums. He caters to a range of trade needs, including numerous just-in-time orders, serving clients in the USA, the Far East, and the Middle East. Additionally, he offers specialized air freight packaging to ensure the safe and timely delivery of his plants.


Ronald Ammerlaan showing his Cymbidium in Boxes
Ronald Ammerlaan proudly showing his Cymbidium in Boxes
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