The Orchid Pavilion at Casa Wabi Brings a New Space for Reflection

If you're fan of orchids while having a tranquil time in nature, this space was built just for you.

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Outside view of the Orchid Pavilion in Oaxaca

CCA (Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica) created the 'Orchid Pavilion' at Casa Wabi in Oaxaca, between the mountains and the sea, as a space to reconnect with life's humble roots while exemplifying the importance of orchids for the world. This project was also created to express how crucial it is to take care of nature and the flowers that surround us, all of which brighten our days and existence.

Details About the Orchid Pavilion Project by CCA

The orchid pavilion by CCA brings a new space for reflection at Casa Wabi while getting the chance to immerse yourself in a structure filled with growing orchids. The Casa Wabi Foundation, led by architect Bernardo Quinzaños, is implementing a timber project to conserve orchids in Oaxaca.


Inside of the Orchid Pavilion by CCA
Inside of the Orchid Pavilion with visible hanging orchids


Following extensive research, the team decided to build the construction for the flowers out of wood, which is permeable, sustainable, and lightweight. With twelve clay humidifiers, the structure creates a humid, partially shaded, and well-ventilated environment inside for optimal survival of orchids.


Orchid Pavilion surrounded by pure nature
The Orchid Pavilion is surrounded by incredible amounts of nature


Humidity Inside the Orchid Pavilion Creates the Perfect Environment

The humidity inside the Orchid Pavilion provides an ideal environment for orchids. Plants utilize the water in the air and soil through their intricate roots, branches, and leaves. Furthermore, pyramid-shaped clay bowls filled with water are placed on top of the structure. These gradually filter small water droplets, enabling drip irrigation. In addition, permanently moist clay base trays collect water.


Hanging orchids waiting to bloom at Orchid Pavilion
Hanging orchids waiting to bloom at the Orchid Pavilion


These features keep the orchids consistently moist, eliminating the need for manual watering. This sanctuary also provides fresh water to Casa Wabi guests, allowing for a contemplative experience; the same water that orchids drink is also consumed by humans.


Side view of the pavilion where you can connect with nature
Side view of the pavilion where you can reconnect with nature


Then again, the structure focuses on three main elements. Firstly, the Orchid Pavilion is a simple and austere machine; twelve clay humidifiers take advantage of gravity to create a humid environment for the orchids of the Oaxacan coast. Secondly, the pavilion leverages simple materials and techniques; regional wood and clay ceramic pieces made in local kilns are used. Finally, the construction becomes a sanctuary for orchids. Co-inhabited by plants and humans, the space achieves harmony between natural cycles and human activity. Additionally, the team blends this concept with the traditions of the Oaxacan coast, using locally sourced materials – clay ceramics, palm, and wood – and high-quality works from local artisans.


Orchid Pavilion by CCA in the center of nature


A Blend of Japanese and Mexican Traditions

The architects at CCA drew inspiration from the Japanese term 'ikigai,' which means 'the reason for being' or 'life purpose.' To discover your life's purpose, you must step away from the stress and hustle of daily life and into a space dedicated to reflection and relaxation.


Orchid Pavilion in Oaxaca Mexico


Inside the Orchid Pavilion, surrounded by the gentle tinkling of drops, the crosswinds, and the freshness of the humidity, the visitor is invited to reconnect with their essence and discover their ikigai. The pavilion derives its beauty from the Japanese philosophy of 'Wabi-Sabi,' which values simplicity, imperfection, and the unconventional.


Green spaces that surround the pavilion


This space could be considered a safe place for your mind and body because connecting with nature always aids in the calmness and tranquility of the mind.


Photos by CCA.


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