The Philadelphia Flower Show Is Coming Back in 2023

The Philadelphia Flower Show taking place from March 4-12 2023, will present prestigious horticultural and artistic floral arranging competitions, gardening seminars, demonstrations and much more!

By: THURSD. | 11-10-2022 | 3 min read
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Philadelphia Flower Show header on Thursd

The renowned Philadelphia Flower Show is coming back in 2023 stronger than ever, ready to show you the best of the best floral designs and what the flower world is really made of. Its return to the Convention Center in the upcoming year is billed as a floral celebration for all flower lovers and designers.

The Philadelphia Flower Show - Everything You Need to Know

The Philadelphia Flower Show, which showcases breathtaking displays by eminent floral and landscape designers from all over the world, is both the largest and longest-running horticultural event in the country and the world. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society founded the Show in 1829, which presents a variety of sustainable plant types as well as garden and design ideas.


Philadelphia Flower Show organized by Pennsylvania Horticultural Society on Thursd
Philadelphia Flower Show 2022


The Philadelphia Flower Show presents prestigious horticultural and artistic floral arranging competitions, gardening seminars and demonstrations, and special activities in addition to acres of garden exhibits.

When Will the Philadelphia Flower Show Happen?

Get your bags packed because the amazing flower show is happening before you even know it! Only a few months away, the Philadelphia Flower Show will open daily from March 4-12th from 10 am - 7 pm in the PA convention center, although there are a few tweaks. On March 4th, 10th, and 11th, the show will open until 8 pm, and open until 6 pm on March 12. The rest of the days will operate at normal hours from 10 am to 7 pm. Tickets are valid to use any day of the show, and you can now get them directly on PHS.


2023 Philadelphia Flower Show is coming back on Thursd

2023 Theme 'Electric Garden'

The most exciting part is knowing about the yearly theme presented at the Philadelphia Flower Show. For 2023, the chosen theme is 'Electric Garden' which will perfectly capture the happiness that arises while giving or receiving flowers.



Feelings of joy and celebration will be evoked by the brilliant variety of hues, distinctive shapes, and textures along with the sumptuous scents of beautiful floral arrangements and gardens. Visitors from all around the world will experience the electrifying presence of today's most dynamic floral designers, lush gardens, and landscapes during the Philadelphia Flower Show.


Philadelphia Flower Show 2021 Display on Thursd
Jeff Leatham's Habitat installation during the Philadelphia Flower Show 2021


Tickets With a Cause

When you buy your ticket for 2023's Philadelphia Flower Show, you'll automatically be supporting PHS’s year-round work in the Greater Philadelphia region to advance the health and well-being of their shared community. The Flower Show helps fund the thousands of trees PHS plants each year, the design and maintenance of the free public gardens for all, and the support of more than 170 community gardens throughout the region. 


Philadelphia Flower Show organized by PHS on Thursd


Proceeds also provide low-cost programming for people to learn about produce gardening to have access to fresh food while supporting their partnerships to provide stormwater management solutions and support PHS's workforce development programs that put many people to work in green jobs. 


Amazing colorful flower displays at the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show on Thursd
Philadelphia Flower Show 2021


Now the part you've all been waiting for, the tickets! Make sure to buy your tickets for the Philadelphia Flower Show to enjoy a full-blooming experience.



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