Florists are Ambassadors of Nature

Curious about the sustainability thoughts of this nature-inspired artist?

By: THURSD. | 15-07-2020 | 2 min read
Lisa-Maria Thalmayr is an artist influenced by nature. As Lis Art, she feels the importance of her role as a florist to remind herself and others about the significance of sustainability. Fueled by its importance in either personal choices and in the growth of your business. Lisa-Maria shares her thoughts on sustainability in floristry with Thursd. Quote Lis Art on Thursd

Sustainability is Significant

"As florists, we are born to show the world how beautiful nature is and this is such an important task. We got this gift to work with natural materials and we should remind ourselves every day how amazing this is. So I think for a lot of florists sustainability is significant. We have to do something. We have to change everyday things.
It begins when we buy our flowers, how they are packed and how long they have to travel. We also are role models for our customers. The good thing is that sustainability is also trendy - this helps customers to better understand the changes. But I know it's not easy for small businesses to change just in a moment. You have to do it step by step."
Earthflower bouquet by Lis Art
'Earthflower' by Lis Art

Go With the Flow

"It's not just important for the world but also important for florists to go with the flow and be aware of what's going on. If you don't move your business it will not grow. For me personally, I try every day to remind myself if I really need this specific thing or purchase. Either if it's wrapped in plastic or not. Either if it's a flower or something else. Especially in summer, I try to buy more local and seasonal flowers. And when it's possible, I style entire weddings and events with seasonal flowers. As florists, we are the ambassadors of nature and this should be our first priority, every day more and more."
Earthflower by Lis Art - On Thursd
Earthflower was part of a series Lisa-Maria created in times of the corona lockdown

A Collection of Lis Art's work

Lis Art - yellow pansy - on Thursd. Lis Art - yellow pansy on head - on Thursd. Lis Art - on Thursd - flowers in hand Lis Art - face covered in flowers - on Thursd Agapanthus design - Lis Art - on Thursd Agapanthus design - Lis Art - on Thursd
- With Love, Lisa-Maria Thalmayr, LIS ART Salzburg, Austria



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