The Ultimate Summer Flowers Specialist, Even When it Isn't Summer

85 percent of Marginpar's turnover is from September to May

By: THURSD. | 29-07-2020 | 2 min read

Marginpar makes summer flowers available throughout the year. Because of this, also the demand for summer flowers is picking up in off-season times. Their cultivation season focuses on September through May; that is when they do almost 85% of their turnover. Quote Marginpar

Marginpar, the Ultimate Summer Flowers Specialist

Marginpar produces summer flowers in Africa that are mainly grown outdoors. With eight production locations in Kenya and three in Ethiopia Marginpar grows flowers on approximately 300 hectares. These growers in Kenya and Ethiopia are known as forming the Marginpar group. In Zimbabwe and Tanzania, Marginpar works closely with several partner farms which grow varieties under Marginpar licence. It's enormous. With more than 100 different varieties in 25 different product groups you definitely have had Marginpar's flowers in your hands. Marginpar header

A Big Competitor?

Some people might think that Marginpar is a big competitor for growers of summer flowers in the northern hemisphere. But they aren't. They do specialize in summer flowers, and ensure that summer flowers are available almost all year and by that creating also yearround demand. When European growers have their production of summer flowers, the Marginpar’s farms are experiencing their winter and low production. 85 percent of the turnover of Marginpar is from September to May, so not in the European summer! Marginpar Ethiopia Gallery

Summer Flowers are always on the Buyers' Shopping List

Because of this yearround availability, these summer flowers are already on the buyers' shopping lists. Most flowers are really additional to the season in the northern hemisphere. Only a few crops of Marginpar drip through in the European summer such as the ornamental thistle Eryngium which is a crop that keeps producing, also in the African winter. Alina with Eryngium Magnetar from Marginpar - Alina Neacsa - on Thursd

Looking for more Cooperation

Marginpar is looking for even more cooperation with small breeders or growers that also breed new varieties. Some growers have beautiful varieties but cannot cultivate them outside the summer season in the northern hemisphere, while there may well be a demand all year round. Marginpar offers the possibility to get these products commercially all year round. Marginpar will broaden their range of summer flowers. Know that Marginpar started back in 1988 with only hypericum and eryngium. Marginpar Ethiopia GalleryMarginpar Ethiopia Gallery

Marginpar The Netherlands

Marginpar Aalsmeer is located close to the main Dutch airport and main auction, Aalsmeer. It is pretty much a 24/7 operation in Aalsmeer with the daily arrival of fresh flowers which are unpacked, quality checked, and prepared for both clock and direct clients in and around the main auctions in Holland. Marginpar Aalsmeer and Marginpar Africa are working closely together to meet the market demand and build a market for new varieties. All sharing the same vision: "Creating a strong brand with a unique product range, through strategic partnerships, offering consistent quality." Marginpar, the Summer Flowers Specialis - on Thursd.



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