Marginpar's Floroscope
Marginpar's Floroscope, Which Flower Matches Your Zodiac Sign? Learn about the perfect bloom that mirrors the true character and personality style of your star sign.
Jan 10 | 6 min read
Kenya growers embracing summer flowers trends
Kenya’s Burgeoning Trend of Summer Flower Cultivation Summer flowers’ cultivation has gained momentum in recent years in Kenya.
Jul 19 | 7 min read
The Quest for Eryngium Questar® Flying 10,000 km to put a variety into the ground that had never touched African soil, they patiently tested the perfect recipe for the Eryngium Questar® series.
Dec 07 | 6 min read
Do You Know the 5 Marginpar Originals? The originals you can stock up on right now
Jul 15 | 5 min read
Peter's Weekly Menu Episode #46 See what's hot in week 37 2020 at Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer
Sep 09 | 1 min read
Peter's Weekly Menu Episode #44 See what's hot in week 31-2020 at Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer
Jul 31 | 1 min read
The Ultimate Summer Flowers Specialist, Even When it Isn't Summer 85 percent of Marginpar's turnover is from September to May
Jul 29 | 2 min read

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