These Are the Potted Anthurium Favorites Recommended by Breeder Floricultura

Take a look at this selection of seven wonderful plants in seven gorgeous colors from this world-famous breeder.

By: THURSD. | 15-03-2022 | 3 min read
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Did you know that breeder Floricultura has more than the world-famous phalaenopsis? They have an absolutely gorgeous and colorful assortment of potted anthuriums as well. Check this out.

The Leaf, the Spathe, the Spadix, and the Flower

If you talk about the flower or flower leaf of an anthurium, the vast majority of professionals in the floral chain mean that big red, white, purple, or whatever-colored thing that is the eye-catcher of this plant. No problemo, just for the curious among us, a brief explanation about what's what when we dissect the anthurium.

The anthurium plant is built up of three components. First, there is the leaf, mostly green and hanging around the stem. Higher up, on top of the stem, you'll find the colorful spathe, of which the anthurium's color is described. So, if you buy a red anthurium, it means the spathe is red. This part is often mistakingly called the flower. The actual flower is found on the spadix, that pointy ribbed thing sticking out of the spathe.

What counts for the value of an anthurium, besides a unique color, is the number and size of the spathes, and the pot diameter.


Potted Anthurium Floricultura on Thursd


Potted Anthuriums by Floricultura

It's all there, from the tiny orange Alegria in its 6 cms pot to the stunning pink Amante in a 17 cms pot, and all colors and sizes in between. Let's just pick one variety of each color to get the perfect impression on these beauts.

Pink: Anthurium Amante

Amante is one of the bigger potted anthuriums by Floricultura going up to pot diameters of 17cms. This dark glowing pink plant has lush big green leaves that make sure not all the attention goes to the pink spathes.


Anthurium Amante on Thursd

Anthurium Amante


Purple: Anthurium Tesoro

For all you lovers of weird and off colors, Tesoro is a treasure to have. It will get curious looks from any viewer, surprised that this plant also comes in this bright purple hue. The dark spadix matches the color of the spathe beautifully.


Anthurium Tesoro by Floricultura - on Thursd

Anthurium Tesoro


Red: Anthurium Valento

Valento is a shiny red sparkle on any table, box, or cupboard. It has the original looks of the tropics, where the anthurium was discovered. Valento is one of the bigger potted anthuriums by Floricultura.


Anthurium Valento by Floricultura - on Thursd

Anthurium Valento


Orange: Anthurium Alegria

As the name of this variety already says, Alegria is a happy anthurium. The cheerful orange leaves make you happy just by looking at them. The flowers of variety Alegria do not die and dry out like other varieties. They gradually change their color back to green. This will turn the plant into a foliage plant.

White: Anthurium Sincero

Anthurium Sincero fits in any room, in any office, and in any shop you can imagine. The neutral, yet pristine white color enlightens the space you place it in.


From the left: Anthurium Alegria, Anthurium Sincero


Brown: Anthurium Consonante

What a wonderful and unique brown color Consonante has. The pale pink spadix gives this huge plant an even more vintage look.


Anthurium Consonante by Floricultura - on Thursd

Anthurium Consonante


Bicolor: Anthurium Anima

Bicolor anthuriums are real eye-catchers. They are animating the beholder, bewondered how such beauty can exist. It's like Anthurium Anima hasn't decided yet whether it wants to be green or red. Well, you don't have to decide. You're beautiful both ways!


Anthurium Anima Floricultura on Thursd

Anthurium Anima


Would you like to see more of Floricultura's anthuriums? It's just one click away: Click here.




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