Orchids as Trending Products at ExpoPlantas 2022 in Colombia Milena Bijma-De Oliveira Cardoso from Floricultura is one of the keynote speakers at this professional horticultural fair and congress that will take place from 19-21 October.
Sep 28 | 3 min read
Anthuriums by Floricultura Are Indeed the Staple Flower for the Autumn Season Meet what will become the trendiest houseplant during fall! We can't promise you won't instantly want to fill up your indoor spaces with these charming plants.
Sep 12 | 4 min read
Jeannette Philippo Makes the Difference With Her Creativity An interview with a passionate floral designer specialized in plants, especially those wonderful phalaenopsis.
Aug 25 | 8 min read
A Floral Interview With Marc Eijsackers As Marketing Manager at Floricultura Marc is responsible for marketing in the broadest sense. Together with his team, his job is to promote Floricultura to growers, traders, and others.
Jul 21 | 6 min read
Rêve d’Orchidées in Sézanne Is a Dream Come True for Orchid Lovers Highlights from the 2022 edition of one of the largest privately organized orchid exhibitions.
Jun 23 | 4 min read
These Passionate Pink Phalaenopsis From Floricultura Fill Your Room With Happiness Which of these four pink varieties would you put in your vicinity?
Apr 15 | 2 min read
These Are the Potted Anthurium Favorites Recommended by Breeder Floricultura Take a look at this selection of seven wonderful plants in seven gorgeous colors from this world-famous breeder.
Mar 15 | 3 min read
How Italian Orchid Pioneers of Orchidee Colonna Grow Phalaenopsis at the Foot of the Vesuvius Volcano Producing wonderful phalaenopsis with a bit of help from the volcano and of their breeder Floricultura.
Just Add Ice to Phalaenopsis From Green Circle Growers An open-hearted interview with one of the largest nurseries in America about getting the perfect phalaenopsis orchids.
Feb 02 | 10 min read
Cosmic Plants' Big Adventure of Growing Phalaenopsis in Canada The remarkable story of two Dutch farmer's sons who went to Canada to seek their happiness and fortune in growing plants.
Jan 12 | 11 min read
These Are the Wonderful Eccentrix and AromorA Series From Floricultura Floricultura breeds phalaenopsis for every grower, for every climate zone, and for every kind of consumer.
Jan 20 | 2 min read
Floricultura Tips the Best Phalaenopsis for a Fabulous Christmas You'd be surprised to see what are the perfect phalaenopsis to cheer up your homes.

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