A Showcase of Floricultura’s Novelties at IPM 2024

A sneak peek at the renowned breeder's exquisite novelties at the upcoming floral event in Essen.

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Here Are Floricultura’s Novelties at the Upcoming IPM 2024 in Essen

You, definitely, are already looking forward to the 2024 plant and floral showcases, aren't you? Well, in the coming months, there certainly, will be some amazing events coming up. And all of them promise to, without a doubt, tickle your fancy. Floricultura, a renowned breeder of orchids, and anthuriums, as well as spathiphyllum, will be at some of the biggest fairs as well, showcasing their exquisite products. Such are their continuous efforts to ensure plant perfection and distinctive qualities.

For starters, you can get ready for an extraordinary experience at IPM Essen 2024, the world's leading trade fair for horticulture, which runs from January 23rd to 26th at Messe Essen. At the fair, Floricultura is all set to enthrall visitors with its exceptional display of floral exquisiteness. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and the beauty of flowers and plants, they promise a memorable showcase at this impressive event.

Floricultura Promises to Wow Visitors at IPM Essen 2024

IPM Essen is a unique platform for florists, growers, breeders, traders, and general flower and plant aficionados to converge and explore the latest trends and innovations in the horticulture industry.


Floricultura’s Novelties at IPM 2024 in Essen
Phalaenopsis Mint from Floricultura


With more than 1,300 exhibitors from 46 nations, and more than 40,000 visitors, the event whose upcoming edition celebrates its 40th year of floral exhibition success offers a diverse range of products and services related to plants, technology, floristry, and garden features. This year's event will continue to emphasize the crucial themes of climate change and sustainability, providing valuable insights and opportunities for all attendees.

A market leader in the breeding and propagation of an array of young plants since 1933, Floricultura, just like in the previous years, will take center stage at IPM Essen where they will be unveiling some of their new plants including anthuriums, and phalaenopsis, and showcasing their other novelties in Hall 1, booth E47.


Floricultura’s Novelties at IPM 2024 in Essen
Floricultura's anthuriums at the previous IPM Essen


And as one of the largest and most influential breeders, the company which is in an ever-continuous quest to produce the most outstanding plant and flower varieties, indicates that its presence at IPM Essen 2024, will definitely be nothing short of an ingenious showcase of the latest novelties in their portfolio, as they present their adorable long-flowering plant and flower varieties. 

So, here are some novelties to expect from Floricultura at IPM 2024.

Anthurium Chaleur 

You can't help but just love the feel of a red anthurium as the main protagonist at your home. This red beauty, along with the tough flower shape is a plant that features all the qualities that make it one of the most optimal choices to have. It is a gorgeous full compact plant that is suitable for pot sizes 12-14 cm. If you want to start your anthurium journey, this might just be the cue you were waiting for.


Floricultura’s Novelties at IPM 2024 in Essen
Anthurium Chaleur


Anthurium Cinemato

In the middle of spring, there's nothing more beautiful than having bold colors around. And this anthurium variety has a stunning orange color and a tough flower shape as well. What you might want to keep in mind is that this specific anthurium has the same appearance as Chaleur, and is also very cold-tolerant, and is a spectacular full compact plant. You can't go wrong with these colorful anthuriums!


Floricultura’s Novelties at IPM 2024 in Essen
Anthurium Cinemato


Anthurium Romantico

Just like the other anthuriums mentioned previously, this one is also a true gem because of its pink color along with the hip/trendy narrow-folded flower shape it has. One of its major benefits is how it'll give you a sea of ​​flowers while being a nice compact plant. This anthurium is suitable for pot sizes 7-12 cm.


Floricultura’s Novelties at IPM 2024 in Essen
Anthurium Romantico from Floricultura


Phalaenopsis Midnight Rambler

Another novelty from the renowned breeders is the Phalaenopsis Midnight Rambler which has a flowering life of more than 130 days, extending to up to 149 days. This standard phalaenopsis comes in a deep and rich purple color and a flower size of 9.5 cm. It is most suitable for pots of size 12 cm. Floricultura will be offering this novel variety at IPM 2024 in Essen, in a showcase that is sure to fascinate visitors.

Phalaenopsis Dresscode.

This is a pink phalaenopsis that is unique in many ways and quite an enchanter when used as a potted flowering plant in the home. Phalaenopsis Dresscode flowers between February and April and is suitable for pot size 15. It has a perfect flower size and an ideal length of branches. Plus, Its rich color is, definitely, perfect for a unique spring feel that you would want to have in your home. It, certainly, is a flowering plant that you would want to try out.

Phalaenopsis Florichrome

Phalaenopsis Florichrome is a special red/orange colored phalaenopsis that is equally appealing and ideal for potting. Its characteristic reddish-orange color would definitely stand out in the home adding the required brightness that the household would yearn for. A good flower size, and refinements that make it just right for pot sizes 12 cm, are some of the unique qualities that you'll find irresistible in this plant for Floricultura.


Floricultura IPM 2024
Top row: Midnight Rambler, Dresscode, Florichrome.
Bottom row: Lady Writer, Dreamline, Great Escape.


Phalaenopsis Lady Writer 

This is a special flower that comes in an equally special shape and will enthrall all those attending the fair. It has a fresh color mix of white and pink and has an extended flowering life of more than 170 days. It, additionally, has a perfect flower size of 8.5 cm and is suitable for a pot size of 12 cm.

Phalaenopsis Dreamline

With a flowering life of 90 - 109 days, Phalaenopsis Dreamline is another novelty that Floricultura has on offer at IPM Essen 2024. A striped phalaenopsis with a flower size of 10.5 cm, this flower is a sure head-turner, especially for the coming spring season.  Phalaenopsis Dreamline is easy to branch, it is a productive variety and starts low with side branches. It, definitely, is a phalaenopsis that you would want to check out!

Phalaenopsis Great Escape

Phalaenopsis Great Escape is a standard very productive phalaenopsis that comes in a beautiful dark purple color. With an ideal branch percentage, the right flower size, and an ideal pot size attribute, this phalaenopsis presents all the qualities that you would want to have in a flowering plant. With this potted plant in your home, it would definitely be an entrance with its unique purple grace and elegance.



Floricultura IPM 2024
Top row: Midnight Rambler, Dresscode.
Middle row: Florichrome, Lady Writer.
Bottom row: Dreamline, Great Escape.


A Passion for Tropical Plants

Floricultura's passion for tropical plants can be seen in its consistency in bringing forth some of the most unique such plants and creating remarkable plant and floral experiences in each of the fairs where they participate.

With an extensive pool of expertise, global reach, and a commitment to selecting only the highest-quality novelties that ensure that every grower, in any climate zone, can find their perfect varieties, the Heemskerk-based breeder supplies professional growers worldwide with millions of their plants each year. 


Floricultura greenhouse


Notably, Floricultura's products, more so, the phalaenopsis, are renowned for their exceptional longevity, making them a top choice for floral enthusiasts. The same can be said of their anthuriums and orchids.

Organize Your Schedule and Set a Date With Floricultura at IPM 2024

Accordingly, the plant breeder invites you to this ultimate horticultural event to witness the splendor of their brilliant novelties at the Horti Experience in Hall 1, booth 1E47 of IPM Essen 2024. Here, you, certainly, will be amazed by their latest floral innovations, and more of their products.


Floricultura’s Novelties at IPM 2024 in Essen
Varieties of phalaenopsis from Floricultura


Believe it, you don't want to miss this chance to experience the charm of Floricultura's latest showcase of their ever-evolving floral and plant trends.


Photos courtesy of Floricultura.


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