Visiting Floricultura: Nurturing Orchids and Dreams

Most growers admire this company's commitment to genetic excellence and their knack for cultivating exceptional orchid varieties.

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 04-10-2023 | 3 min read
Visiting Floricultura

Welcome again my fellow flower enthusiasts! This time I like to take you into the world of orchids! I am very happy to be invited by Marc Eijsackers, the Marketing and Communications Manager at Floricultura. Floricultura is a leading international breeder of both Orchidaceae and Araceae, such as Phalaenopsis, and Anthuriums. Let's delve into Marc's world!

Exploring the Orchid Wonderland with Marc Eijsackers at Floricultura

Marc Eijsackers is a well-known figure in the flower industry. Being a former managing director of the Dutch Flowercouncil, he is now at the helm of Floricultura's marketing team, comprising of 4 dedicated members. Marc and his team are part of a blooming business that produces millions of plants annually. Floricultura's roots spread across the globe with greenhouses and labs in the Netherlands, Brazil, California in the USA, India, China, and Poland.



Propagation Magic: Orchid Genetics

Orchid genetics is where the magic happens at Floricultura. They strive for excellence in genetic diversity and amongst others, reducing susceptibility to diseases. Creating a new phalaenopsis variety begins with knowing the specifications and characteristics of the existing types. Floricultura houses a greenhouse filled with crossing parents—these are the mother plants, the basic material for breeding. The goal is to cross the traits of one plant with another that possesses other desirable characteristics. You can find more info about the genetics of Phalaenopsis and the breeding on Thursd.


Visiting Floricultura


What sets Floricultura apart is its personal touch with growers, fostering one-on-one communication. Patience is key; they're currently starting processing orders for 2026, meticulously crafting each orchid. With a staggering 200 different Phalaenopsis varieties, their genetic garden is a wonder to behold. Among this breathtaking array of blooms, Marc's heart belongs to the Phalaenopsis varieties with rich dark hues.


Marc Eijsackers with Miltonopsis at Floricultura
Marc Eijsackers with Phalaenopsis at Floricultura


The Grower's Perspective of Floricultura Is a Blossoming Partnership

Most growers admire Floricultura's commitment to genetic excellence and their knack for cultivating exceptional orchid varieties. Imagine orchids that bloom for 150 days! Floricultura has mastered the art of orchid longevity, and they keep adding more colors to this timeless beauty. What lies ahead on the orchid horizon? Floricultura is always on the hunt for new orchids, envisioning shades like Ferrari red, true green, or even a natural blue Phaelensis. They work on varieties with shorter cultivation periods and reduced disease pressure. With a commitment to organic growth and a chemical-free approach, Floricultura leads the way, hoping their growers will follow suit.



A Short History of Floricultura

Floricultura isn't just any company; it's a legacy that spans over 90 years. Jan H. Post Senior laid the foundation back in 1933, trading in orchids, tropical plants, and seeds. Jan Post Junior took the reins in the 1960s, expanding the horizons by discovering new markets and breeders. The 1970s witnessed Floricultura pioneering the growth of Cymbidium cut flowers, a revolutionary development. This led to a merger with the Schoone family company, giving birth to the Floricultura we know today.

Floricultura's journey continued with expansions in the Netherlands, India, the USA, Brazil, Poland, and China. They added Anthurium and Spathiphyllum to their repertoire, cementing their status as international leaders in Orchidaceae and Araceae breeding.


Marc Eijsackers at Floricultura

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