These Biologically Miniature Animal Figures by Fanni Sandor Are Everything You Need to See Today

Saying these sculptures are cute is an understatement.

By: THURSD. | 24-08-2022 | 2 min read
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Fanni Sandor creates miniature animal figures header on Thursd

Everything miniature is how Fanni Sandor, creator of unique biologically miniature animal sculptures, likes to do it. As tiny as a fingernail, Fanni Sandor has magical artistic skills that have made her rise to the top in the miniature industry. No doubt about that.

The Art of Creating Miniature Animals by Fanni Sandor

Using polymer clay, feathers, fur, and other materials, Fanni Sandor can be named the queen of creating ultra-miniature sculptures of animals. And when we say ultra-miniature, we mean it. The size of a human fingernail is how miniature these adorable animal figures are.


Fanni Sandor's miniature animal lizzard and frog sculptures on Thursd


What Animals Does Fanni Sandor Sculpt?

You name the animal, and she turns it into a biologically miniature-sized animal. Fanni Sandor sculpts miniature animals at a 1:12 scale, and many of her recent pieces include newborns and adolescent animals.

From several fascinating bird species immersing unique colors on their feathers to adorable turtles, hummingbirds, chameleons, lizards, and ducklings, Fanni Sandor is truly and one hundred percent a miniature sculpting genius.

Her Love for Miniature Objects Began in Her Childhood

Fanni Sandor remembers she found an instant fascination for miniatures when she was a little girl. She began tweaking around and exploring this form of art by constructing her first sculpture from toothpicks, candle wax, paper, and glue at six years old.


Fanni Sandor creates miniature bird animals using polymer clay on Thursd


In Fanni's country, Hungary, there are no traditions of the 1:12 scale miniature making, giving her an extra reason to develop her innate passion for miniature animals around this. Fanni Sandor, the miniature animal creator, was already in her twenties when she met the first professional miniaturist’s work through the internet, and remembers she was completely fascinated by the work.

How Long Does It Take Fanni Sandor to Create Miniature Animals?

The skillful artist shares she will usually spend anywhere from two days to two weeks on a single piece, given the amount of precision and detail required for every miniature animal.


Miniature humminbird the size of a nail by Fanni Sandor on Thursd


Her process is multifaceted and begins with collecting photographs of the species before sketching the official design prototype. Forgoing molds, Fanni Sandor uses embossing and pin-ending tools to sculpt the animal figures from polymer clay and wire. After baking, she chisels a few more details, paints, and attaches the fur and feathers where necessary.

Follow Her Miniature Artwork

Yep, Fanni Sandor is the queen of miniature animal sculpting. If you want to check out her entire collection of miniature animals, visit her Instagram account.


Miniature colorful frogs by Fanni Sandor on Thursd
All photos by Fanni Sandor





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