Amy Gross Creates Hand-Crafted Sculptures of the Natural World Fiber sculptures highlight the beauty of the natural world from microscopic spores and seed pods to leaves and birds.
Dec 08 | 2 min read
Behold the Enormous Straw Sculptures of Japan’s Wara Art Festival Huge lions, eagles, crabs, spiders, and other animals made of leftover straw from the seasonal harvest, invade the Wara Art Festival.
Sep 22 | 2 min read
The Intricate Metal Sculptures of Ruth Asawa A groundbreaking modernist sculptor of abstract forms.
May 26 | 4 min read
Flower-Faced Sculptures That Shape the Future of Ceramics An investigation to the ambivalence of human beings in their relationship with nature
May 05 | 2 min read
The Story of the Dancing Sakura Tree There is no true art without triggering an emotion
Mar 19 | 4 min read
Botanical design studio Loose Leaf Stunning permanent and temporary botanical design and installations

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