These Passionate Pink Phalaenopsis From Floricultura Fill Your Room With Happiness

Which of these four pink varieties would you put in your vicinity?

By: THURSD. | 15-04-2022 | 2 min read
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Passionately Pink Phalaenopsis header - on Thursd

Do you already have a pink phalaenopsis at home? Or in your shop, office, or anywhere you work, live, and relax? It's the combination of this flowery plant and its bright or soft pink color that makes your energy renewed. No wonder so many people are passionate about pink phalaenopsis. They fill every room with happiness.

Passionate Pink Phalaenopsis

Pink has many hues, from very light and sweet pastel pink to fierce and energetic bright and dark pink. Look around you, which of these four pink varieties would you put in your vicinity? Floricultura has just the perfect one for your every pink mood.


1. Phalaenopsis Friday Flirt

Friday Flirt is a phalaenopsis from the Multiflora series, indicating truthfully that this plant has plenty of flowers. Just look at the countless dark pink flowers that demand your attention. This plant will not settle for less than your full admiration.


Phalaenopsis Friday Flirt by Floricultura on Thursd
Phalaenopsis Friday Flirt


2. Phalaenopsis Pure Poetry

The Lingua series expresses the language, expression, love, and beauty of a big lip phalaenopsis. Also, this Phalaenopsis Pure Poetry echoes eloquent grace. Whisper softly to this flowery plant, and it becomes pure poetry.


Phalaenopsis Pure Poetry by Floricultura on Thursd
Phalaenopsis Pure Poetry


3. Phalaenopsis Aquarelle

The comparison with a stunning bunch of flowers is easily made with this Phalaenopsis Aquarelle. Look at the dense structure of the plant and its abundant number of blooms! It's Floricultura's testimony that the world is designed for enjoyment. Wouldn't you want to grab this phalaenopsis right from this picture and put it on your own table?


Phalaenopsis Aquarelle by Floricultura - on Thursd
Phalaenopsis Aquarelle


4. Phalaenopsis Gallery Play

Perhaps the size of the phalaenopsis within the Standard series of Floricultura is standard, but the colors are anything but. Among the magnificent colored plants is this frivolous Phalaenopsis Gallery Play. Just a reminder that life is not all work, but also requires some entertainment. A special note for florists and retailers: Tell your customers that Gallery Play has a blooming life of 150+ days. That will definitely convince any phalaenopsis lover.


Phalaenopsis Gallery Play by Floricultura on Thursd
Phalaenopsis Gallery Play


The Expert Breeder Floricultura

Dutch breeders Floricultura are the inventors of so many beautiful floriclone phalaenopsis, also of forty plus varieties of pink. No wonder they supply many growers worldwide, from their home base of the Netherlands across Europe to Canada and the U.S.A, and from Brazil to Australia and New Zealand. Although you may not know this, there is a big chance you have had a Floricultura phalaenopsis already in your hands.


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