Three Style Secrets for Peony Fans

Advice for the peony aficionado from My Peony Society

By: THURSD. | 30-06-2021 | 2 min read
In a world that’s changing at an ever-increasing pace, style and fashion have always been particularly ethereal. What’s in today will be very much out tomorrow. Following trends is treading dangerous waters, hoping you’ve read the latest, and made one or two lucky guesses.

My Peony Society Shares Its Secrets

To help you keep your head above waters, we’ve compiled fashion advice for the peony aficionado - based on the timeless sense of style of the peony itself. These are the three style secrets that My Peony Society as peony specialists would like to share with you. Style Secrets for Peony Fans

1. Bloom Big (... and Then Go Bigger)

Who said less is more? Try dreaming big for a change, and look sensational doing so! If you decide to take the spotlight, be the most outrageous, glamorous version of yourself. To see how it’s done you’ll only have to look at the peony in bloom; an eye-catching spectacle of color and volume. For more inspiration, explore varieties such as Command Performance, Dinner Plate, and Pillow Talk. Their flowers are big (up to 250 mm), with lush lacy petals. Think you can go bigger?
Style Secrets for Peony Fans 14 Peony Pillow Talk
Peony Pillow Talk

2. Have It Both Ways

Shabby chic, or neon glam? A romantic getaway to the countryside, or a refreshing afternoon at the coolest club in town? Trust us – in fashion, you don’t have to choose. Have it both ways. Mix tones, looks, and accessories into a thoroughly unique blend of you-ness. Whatever your style, you can count on our purple peonies to perfect your looks. Brilliant varieties like Avis Varner, Kansas, and Red Sarah Bernhardt are equal parts sweet and sharp, hot and cold, fit for bouquets or as single flowers.

3. Embrace the Classics

White never goes out of style. Period. Contrast your favorite colors with the bright white of exclusive ski resorts, over-the-top dream weddings, and the humble frappuccino to go. If you're looking for matching peonies, you really can’t go wrong with classic varieties such as Bridal Shower, Duchesse de Nemours, and Baroness Schroeder. They’re cool, elegant, and subtly fragrant, ideal in a stylish bouquet or dazzling decoration. These classic white peonies don’t throw any shade, is all we’re saying. My Peony Society Banner on Thursd Button-get-this-product



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