White Flowers Adorned the Red Carpet Gala Dinner in Hotel de Paris in Monaco

Here's what a white floral decoration looks like at the high-end Congress of Economic Diplomacy.

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Known as one of the most prestigious, elegant, and private events in Monaco, the scenery of white flowers stole the attention of all the sophisticated attendees of this year's high-end congress of Economic Diplomacy. Alina Neacsa, the floral designer in charge of decorating the venue tells us everything about her experience. Keep scrolling to enter the luxurious heaven of flowers!

White Flowers Embellished the Hotel de Paris in Monaco

Elegance, luxury, sophistication, and white delicate flowers are mixed together to create one of the most gorgeous, if not the most gorgeous table decoration seen at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco. Some of you may be wondering what was the occasion? Celebrating the Red Carpet Gala Dinner at the high-end Congress of Economic Diplomacy. You can now imagine the immense role the blooms played in this formal yet luxurious event.




Alina Neacsa at Hotel de Paris in Monaco on Thursd
Alina Neacsa at work in Hotel de Paris, Monaco


High-End Congress of Economic Diplomacy

This year's edition took place in Monaco, at One Monte Carlo on May 17th. Followed by the event itself, there was a media cocktail which then ended with the famous Red Carpet Gala Dinner at Salle Empire, Hotel de Paris, hosted by the International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


White Roses by Flori cu Fitze Hotel de Paris in Monaco on Thursd


From respected and well-known figures in the economic industry, the event gathered important participants coming from all over the world. Sequentially, members of the French Government, as well as the Diplomatic Corps, respected businessmen, and investors were seen enjoying the scenery. The high-end congress of Economic Diplomacy enjoyed having participants from the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Romania, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the UK, and Australia.

Monaco Is the Genius Behind the White Flower Adornments

Being it her second time adorning the International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry with flowers, this time Alina Neacsa has created a masterpiece for the table decorations using white, angelical-looking like blooms.

For Alina Neacsa from Flori cu Fitze, the exclusivity of this event had to line up with her flower choices, and it is very well seen in the pictures, that she chose just the right ones to exemplify the mood of the High-End Congress of Economic Diplomacy event was looking for.


White Roses Hotel de Paris in Monaco on Thursd


Flower Code: White, Scented, and Charming!

All the white flowers used to adorn the Red Carpet Gala Dinner added a whimsical and magical effect, somehow related to the architecture of the Salle Empire. White peonies resembled the white goddesses on the venue’s walls, while Vanda roots and orchids resembled the marble pillars' veins.  Garden roses were also seen embellishing the venue, and Lathyrus, the most delicate and scented flower completed the overall delicate design.


White Flowers at Hotel de Paris in Monaco on Thursd


Flower Suppliers

The beautiful white peonies were supplied by My Peony Society, while the great scented White O'Hara garden roses from Parfum Flower Company (specially ordered from Alexandra Farms) also adorned the amazing hotel. The Lathyrus blooms and perfumed white Lathyrus from Let's not forget how Alina used beautiful and unusual Vanda orchids from Ansu Vanda to decorate the event as well.



Altogether created an unforgettable ambiance, completely worthy of the Red Carpet Gala Dinner.




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