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Connecting the whole of floriculture in one floral meetup spot.

By: THURSD. | 17-01-2024 | 5 min read
How It Works
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myThursd is the ultimate floral hub for businesses and people to connect, collaborate, and conquer the market together. You can unlock endless opportunities as you effortlessly connect with diverse enterprises, exchange services, and join forces for powerful promotional campaigns. (Skip the rest of this post, and go to and create your account now!)

What Is myThursd?

myThursd is an influencer & creative platform for the flower industry. myThursd connects brands in floriculture with floral designers, photographers, influencers, and other creatives. Members of myThursd receive proposals, negotiate about the price and launch collaborations. Members can manage their projects and the results easily and efficiently in one dashboard.

Whether it's product promotion, influencer marketing, photography, videography, freelance design work, or anything else related to the flower industry, joining myThursd brings you endless possibilities. As an advertiser, and as a creative.


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Say What You Want, Show What You Can

myThursd members initiate, coordinate, and fine-tune floral projects, and campaigns. Together. Whether you need product promotion as a grower or breeder, looking for an influencer to promote your offerings as a trader, or are looking for sponsored flowers when you have a special event, myThursd is the place.

myThursd links breeders, growers, and other producers with floral designers, photographers, influencers, and other creatives to whatever collaboration they seek. For example:

myThursd works both ways. From advertisers such as breeders, growers, and traders to creatives such as floral designers, photographers, influencers, and other creatives. And it also works the other way around: it connects creatives to get flowers and plants from advertisers. Or to find other creatives to work with!


myThursd for Creatives:

1️⃣ As a 'creative,' you can see projects by advertisers (such as growers, breeders, and wholesalers), and projects by other creatives. (As a creative you can also create projects. For an event, inspirational shoot, or anything else you like to collaborate on with advertisers or other creatives).
2️⃣ You can pitch and do a proposal on a project for any advertiser or creative
3️⃣ You can discuss the project, and negotiate in a chat directly with the advertiser or creative
4️⃣ Need products to work with for the advertiser’s project? The myThursd Team arranges it
5️⃣ Deal made? Through the chat, you see the breakdown of this agreement. 
6️⃣ You can start to make the project come to life
7️⃣ The advertiser receives deliverables as agreed upon.
8️⃣ Now you send the invoice to myThursd and get paid! 

Projects can range from product promotion on social media channels, influencer marketing, mood and product photography or videography, sharing promotions/URLs on social channels, to finding freelance designers for collaboration at fairs or wholesale promotions, projects by creatives for big weddings or other events, and more.

CREATIVES EARLY BIRD OFFER: Join now for free full access (value €29/month) up to and including your first project at


Thursd introduces myThursd Creative


"So, on myThursd you show what you can. In both cases, myThursd is aimed at getting the right persons to collaborate."


myThursd for Advertisers:

We have high expectations for myThursd and anticipate rapid growth, with hundreds of participants joining in no time.

How does myThursd work for advertisers?

1️⃣ As an 'advertiser,' you create a project using our software
2️⃣ You receive pitches with proposals from potential collaborators ('creatives')
3️⃣ Choose your ideal creative(s)
4️⃣ Discuss details and sign a contract
5️⃣ Make payment through myThursd
6️⃣ Watch your project come to life
7️⃣ Receive deliverables as agreed upon
8️⃣ Creatives get paid

(As we're in the initial development phase, a Thursd representative will guide you through this process.)

ADVERTISERS EARLY BIRD OFFER: Join now for free full access (value €99/month) up to and including your first project at


Thursd introduces myThursd Advertiser


An Article/Blog on

myThursd is a piece of software and platform on its own. To join, you have to become a paying member. Some advertisers can decide to ask the creative to write a blog post on Thursd as part of the project. This is an option that would enlarge the advertiser's audience tremendously. And could include building dedicated product pages and your business page on Thursd as well.


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Pitch & Propose

Are you ready to take the next step in floral marketing? Get ready to pitch and propose on the many projects already available on myThursd. Go to and create your account now.

Do you want to get more information? Book your meeting here: myThursd will be attending shows such as the IPM in Essen, Germany, IFTEX In Nairobi, Kenya, Flori Expo in Quito, Ecuador, and the IFTF in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Zbigniew Dziwulski myThursd Creative
Zbigniew Dziwulski


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