Vertical Gardens Offer Various Health Benefits You Should Know About

A greener life begins with ethically sustainable vertical gardens. Keep reading to know everything about them.

By: THURSD. | 18-08-2022 | 4 min read
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It's 100% possible to enjoy nature from inside your home, office, or other indoor spaces by having vertical gardens around you. Vertical gardens give you the incredible benefit of having nature right beside you, plus you'll be making the world a better place to live in by adopting more sustainable gardening practices. Read about seven incredible benefits offered by vertical gardens.

The Beauty of Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a wonderful, yet very beneficial trend in sustainable architecture that can add beauty, functionality, nature, and responsible practices to both indoor and outdoor spaces. However, they are definitely not just wallflowers. Instead, vertical gardens play an important role in improving our health and wellbeing as well as improving the environment.

You might as well want to add vertical gardens to your garden wishlist and make it a dreamy reality! To check off your wishlist, here are seven amazing benefits offered by vertical gardens.


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1. Improved Mental and Physical Health

Having vertical gardens with plants will be one of your greatest allies to aid your health, especially when talking about the mental side. It is scientifically proven, and there are various research papers stating that plants counteract respiratory diseases and improve cardiovascular problems by producing oxygen and purifying the air which reduces issues like breathing problems and blood pressure.

The more plants in your vertical garden, the better and more oxygen that'll be present in your life, keep that in mind. Were you aware that plants also provide protection against diseases and allergies caused by harmful gases? This is because plants are miraculous and help reduce local pollen exposure.


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By having vertical gardens in your house, or around you, you'll also help prevent any cough problems, as plants increase the humidity in the air, which moisturizes the mucous membranes, throat, and skin. As for the mental benefits, vertical gardens improve concentration, reduce stress by providing a sense of relaxation, and will quickly add a dose of serotonin, not to mention the visual relief they offer when contemplated.

2. Improved Spaces

Having a vertical garden at home is definitely a unique way to have your own personalized garden besides also acting as a  beautiful decorative element that'll bring green spaces and exquisite textures to your spaces. If you have a vertical garden in your workspace, your productivity will improve, guaranteed.

The greatest thing you can get from plants is positivity in every way. In a recent study by Princeton University, 90% of employees stated that plants help their satisfaction, performance, and overall happiness during the day.


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3. Improved Air Quality

This is one of the most important ways that vertical gardens will help in your day-to-day. Improved air quality, means you will also have an improved state of life. The plants in a vertical garden filter particles from the air and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Approximately one square meter of plant space will generate the equivalent of a year’s supply of oxygen for a human and trap about 130 grams of dusty particles. Amazing right?


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4. Thermal Insulators

Vertical gardens perform great as thermal insulators as well. What plants do, is lower the temperatures inside a building by up to five degrees, which means that less air conditioning is required, therefore vertical gardens will help you save energy. Sustainable benefits at their finest!


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5. Reduced Noise Pollution

Plants in vertical gardens are capable of absorbing up to 50% of the noise pollution generated in a large city. When incorporating a vertical garden at home or in any space you desire, you'll automatically be helping with the reduction of pollution nearby. In fact, a vertical garden has the capacity to absorb 41% more noise than a traditional frontage.


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6. Increased Biodiversity

The plants in a vertical garden will help promote a richer, healthier, and more beautiful habitat for different animal species such as birds, butterflies, and diverse types of insects, especially in an urban environment. It is mostly known that these types of green ecosystems promote a great increase in the biodiversity of the environment.


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7. Save Water

If you're looking for ways to start helping the planet and saving more water, having vertical gardens is a great choice. A vertical garden absorbs rainwater through plants, becoming a natural water reserve. This helps slow the discharge of rain into the sewer system, purifies the rainwater, and also puts water back into the ecosystem through evaporation.

Nowadays, more and more people are opting to have vertical gardens in their spaces not just for their visual benefits but because they beautifully balance out environmental issues and improve health and sustainability.


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