What Every New Travelling Florists Need to Know for Destination Weddings

Essential tips for traveling florists to ace destination weddings.

By: THURSD | 03-07-2024 | 5 min read
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As a wedding planner, you are bound to make some mistakes; as a florist for a wedding, there might be some mistakes too, but when you’re a travelling florist for a destination wedding (or a regular wedding that you have to travel to), it can be hard. Actually, when it comes to weddings in general, there are just a lot of challenges left and right. But at the same time, designing florals for a destination wedding is an exhilarating challenge for any florist.

Just think about it for a moment, there’s the blend of new locations, diverse cultures, and unique venues offers a canvas brimming with potential. But if this is your first time having to travel for a wedding, especially a destination wedding that’s fairly far, you need to understand that this most likely won’t be a cakewalk.

Actually, there’s going to be a lot of considerations you’ll have to think about, too. So, let’s go ahead and dive into the essential tips and tricks for making destination weddings a blooming success.


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Embrace the Local Flora

One of the first things to consider when planning florals for a destination wedding is the local flora. You might need to discuss this with your client, too. Each location has its own array of native flowers, which can be both a boon and a challenge. So, embracing these local blooms not only ensures freshness and availability but also lends an authentic touch to the wedding decor.

For instance, if you’re designing for a wedding in Rome, Italy, think about incorporating the classic Italian flora. For example, there are olives, lemons, and vibrant bougainvillea that can add a touch of Italian charm to your arrangements. Plus, sourcing locally can be more sustainable and often more cost-effective. Usually, couples who are planning their wedding are somewhat inclined to cut some costs where they can.

Logistics Is the Not-So-Glamorous Reality

Behind every stunning wedding bouquet is a well-thought-out logistical plan. Yes, a very stress-inducing logistical plan. Local florists tend to struggle with logistics, but you’re going to struggle even more. When you're a travelling florist, this becomes even more critical and, yes, even more of a nightmare too.

So, just think about it: you’re having to look into coordinating the transportation of delicate flowers, find companies who will do it, and hopefully, speak the same language as you do. Plus, you’ll need to ensure your blooms are kept at the right temperature and humidity levels throughout their journey.

While you can’t transport your florals on a plane or train, you can at least bring your tools (and even some floral foam or chicken wire, too) in some luggage.  Plus, there’s usually a reliable luggage storage facility (like a locker) if you’re in a major city. Overall, just understand that logistics for any wedding is a nightmare, and you might struggle.


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The Research Feels Endless

As you might have guessed, destination weddings require meticulous planning and thorough research. So, before even thinking about the flower arrangements, you need to understand the climate and seasonal availability of flowers in your chosen destination (or even what your client chose). 

A summer wedding in the UK is vastly different from one in Rome, Amsterdam, or wherever else really. So, knowing which flowers are in season can help you avoid last-minute scrambles and ensure your designs are timely and relevant.

But its not even about the flowers really, that’s more of a the tip on the iceberg. Actually, the more challenging part it finding local suppliers and forming some connections with them beforehand (that alone can be hard), the same goes for local florists too- they’ll be able to help you when it comes to potential hurdles that you may face. 

You Have No Choice but to Be Flexible

Flexibility is your best friend when designing florals for a destination wedding. Unfortunately, you’ll have to expect some unforeseen issues to arise – flights get delayed, flowers don't arrive on time, or weather conditions change. It happens for weddings, it happens for events, and it’ll definitely happen for destination weddings. So that’s why being able to adapt and think on your feet is crucial.

For instance, if a specific flower isn’t available or doesn’t survive the journey, having a few backup options in mind can save the day. This might mean substituting one type of flower for another or reworking an arrangement on the spot. Your ability to remain calm and resourceful will ensure the final result is nothing short of spectacular.


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You Can’t Forget About Sustainable Practices

Hands down, sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the wedding industry. As a travelling florist, you basically have no choice but to adopt eco-friendly practices. You might be a bit limited compared to arranging the flowers in the town where you live (or surrounding areas), but technically, even for wedding destinations, it can still be possible. 

This could include sourcing local and seasonal flowers, reducing waste by repurposing arrangements, and using biodegradable materials, but of course if you’re using dried florals, that can be resused, which is more sustainable at the end of the day.

You might even want to encourage couples to consider eco-friendly options, such as donating flowers to local hospitals or shelters after the wedding. But overall, by making sustainability a priority, you not only reduce your environmental footprint but also add a meaningful dimension to your floral designs.

It’s All About Building Lasting Memories

If you went into doing this for weddings, it was to create something beautiful for the wedding couple, right? Well, designing florals for a destination wedding is about more than just creating beautiful arrangements; it’s about helping couples build lasting memories. Your flowers will be part of their story, captured in photographs and cherished in their hearts. 

Yes, by all means, there are plenty of challenges when it comes to florals for weddings as well as destination weddings, but it’s absolutely worth it at the end of the day. So, being a traveling florist, especially for weddings, is challenging, but it’s so worth it, too.


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