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Ansu Vanda

As a specialist in ornamental horticulture, Ansu vanda focuses exclusively on unique varieties of Vanda orchids and Caudex plants.

Vanda Specialist

The company is known as the vanda specialist, the gem of the orchids, which is unique due to its air roots. It has taken them a few years to develop into a global market leader. Ansu Vandas are cultivated with a lot of care and love. The quality of the Vandas is excellent with strong, and long-lasting flowers.

Ansu Vanda

Ansu Vanda merged with their partner in Thailand in 2019 to expand the product range with exotic green plants: varieties with a difference that stand out thanks to their exclusivity, and products with a unique sales concept. Special Sansevieria varieties, for example, and several Tillandsia with added value. One of these varieties won the company the Glass Tulip Award in December 2020 for best market introduction. 


Ansu Vanda has several varieties of highly exclusive Caudex plants, including Adenium Ansu Baobab, Stephania erecta, Phyllanthus mirabilis and Firmiana colorata. Their core values are honest luxury, passion, and exoticism, which are reflected in all the products and services they offer.


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Ansu Vanda Middenzwet 22a, 2291 HM Wateringen, Netherlands

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