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Alina Neacsa is a flower designer for premium events, a floral design trainer, a writer for the my dream garden magazine (monthly edited in +15,000 copies) and constant subject for articles in national and international media. Alina Neacsa discovered her talent and passion for floral arrangements after a long chain of disappointments in the quality of services delivered by the florists she was working with. Lacking the support of qualified floral designers in Romania, Alina started using her own floral decorations for the events she organized. In her quest to improve her creations and to achieve higher quality standards, she attended formal training courses in London. In time, Alina became a recognized floral designer, that developed her own spectacular style characterized by elegance and usage of innovative flower combinations. From the very beginning Alina wished to share her expertise with anyone driven by a similar passion for flowers. She created a series of educational workshops, intended both for beginners and experienced florists, where she presents various floral arrangements techniques as well as business insights. The courses are highly sought after. More than 500 participants attended so far and, while completing the training, they also increased their love for flowers and they learned how to enhance the flowers beauty through creative designs.

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Alina Neacsa Strada Vulturești, Bucharest, Roemenië

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