Wonderful White Flowers That Give a Very Winter-Like Impression

Make your winter days bloom with white flowers. Turn the gloom upside down and add a dose of white color to boost your environment and mood!

By: THURSD. | 13-12-2022 | 3 min read
White flower wonderland with Florius on Thursd

Florius supplies a wide-ranging variety of fresh flowers grown from the great highlands of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Colombia. They bring the freshest and most beautiful series of white flowers, perfect to beat the winter blues and add a splash of white sparkle all around with their Hypericum Coco and Veronica Smart flower assortments.

Beat the Winter Blues With a Dose of White Blooms

It is no myth that white flowers have the instant power of turning up a dull space into a very bright one. As you may already know, white flowers are associated with purity, innocence, and perfection. They strike the perfect blend of elegance and purity, while also creating a nice contrast to floral bouquets and arrangements.


Arrangement with Florius Hypericum Coco Uno on Thursd
Hypericum Coco Uno makes part of this lovely white flower arrangement


These are the top white flowers that are in to create that 'wintery season' vibe and the most wonderful time of the year. Florius offers these white beauties under their Hypericum Coco and Veronica Smart series. Here's what to know about them.

Hypericum Coco Uno

Beauty and vase life longevity – that’s what makes Florius' hypericum extra special and stand out from the rest. Their unique Hypericum Coco Uno is the white stunner that will enhance your floral arrangements during the festivities. This very bright white Coco makes pure bright and white sunlight get fully exposed in any bouquet.


Florius Hypericum Coco Uno on Thursd


The Hypericum Coco Uno specializes in making arrangements stand out with their stem lengths ranging from 40-70 cm and most importantly, the perfectly round, medium-sized white berries. In fact, perfect to create the best and most special bouquets for winter.

Veronica Smart Series

The Veronica Smart series provides various options for every type of occasion, but in this case, there are a few that adapt to the winter energy you're all looking to have in your bouquets. As part of the beautiful white flowers in this series, you'll find the Jewel, Luna, Caya, and Wave varieties.


Arrangement using Veronica Smart series on Thursd
Floral arrangement using Veronica Smart Series


Veronica Smart Jewel

The intense white flowers in Veronica Smart Jewel will open gradually and give elegance like a jewel to your bouquet.


Florius Veronica Smart Jewel on Thursd


Veronica Smart Luna

Veronica Smart Luna is a white veronica without pollen. This keeps your bouquet clean and moon-white for at least two weeks.


Veronica smart luna on Thursd


Veronica Smart Caya

This white veronica has been in the market for over ten years. Veronica Smart Caya is known for its good vase life and pure white glow.


Florius Veronica Smart Caya on Thursd


Veronica Smart Wave

The last of the veronicas in this incredible white series is the Veronica Smart Wave. These white filler flowers will add a wave of refreshment to each and every bouquet.


Veronica Smart Wave by Florius on Thursd


Which of these white stunners will be your choice for this winter season? If you can't choose one, choose them all, because the more flowers the merrier. Always remember that!

About Florius

Fresh flowers from the vast mountains of Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are offered by Florius in a wide range of varieties. These flowers are cultivated with high standards of methods and procedures that make them always fresh, and healthy, and can last longer than any other flowers.


Florius growers of beautiful white flower selection on Thursd


High Standards & Quality

With over twenty-five years of experience in cultivating flowers, Florius keeps its standards and quality high. The whole process from production to the vase is closely-monitored to guarantee you the best flowers.


Florius Veronica Smart Aqua banner on Thursd


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