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A cloud of a flower taking over the floral world!

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Gypsophila Xlence post-harvest at Mystic Flowers

Since 1997, Mystic Flowers has been committed to harvesting and commercializing consistently high-quality summer flowers all year long in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible. Here is where the giants of Gypsophila varieties come in, all the way from the Equator. As a leading provider of Gypsophila Xlence®, widely known for its exceptional quality, they are first-hand suppliers of this baby's breath variety to Adomex's OrcaFloral line and this time, they share more about this product and most relevant characteristics.

Gypsophila Xlence® - A Flower That’ll Never Go out of Trend

Loved for its abundant, cloud-like appearance, white color, and long-lasting freshness, Gypsophila Xlence® is a product many want to have as part of their portfolios. This flower, also known as 'baby's breath' is bred by Danziger and is in fact the biggest and whitest in the market — guaranteed. These characteristics make it a favorite among florists and event planners worldwide. By focusing on optimal growing conditions and careful selection processes, the Ecuadorian grower of this product ensures that every stem meets the highest standards.


Detail of Gypsophila Xlence variety
Detailed view of Gypsophila Xlence® variety. Photo: Mystic Flowers


But what else is there to this flower, the one that has become such a protagonist in every wedding? One that has gained global acclamation from flower lovers and designers and why is everyone looking to have these tiny white buds around? It is recognized for its beautiful florets that have a faultless and flawless white color while having exceptionally large and ideal ball-shaped flowers. What's best about the product per se is its ability to fill in and complement any floral composition. Want more volume? Add these in. Want more texture? Gypsophila Xlence® it is. Want delicacy? You know how it goes.


Gypsophila Xlence of the OrcaFlora label
Endless possibilities for floral compositions and creations when using Gypsophila Xlence®


Gypsophila Xlence along with lavender gypso
Photo by Adomex


Floral artists around the world are using this variety as the ultimate 'filler flower' or even as a focal one, becoming the statement piece. This is another characteristic that caught the eye of Adomex, specialists in the import and export of varied types of cut and decoration green, through the latter's OrcaGreen label, to becoming the premiere supplier of this product as well, this time under the OrcaFloral label.


Gypsophila Xlence in floral designs
Photo by Adomex


Adomex's Partnership With Mystic Flowers

Adomex relies on them to supply Gypsophila Xlence® that meets its rigorous quality criteria. From the nursing to the field and then to the final opening stage, it is a flower that will never go out of sight. This collaboration ensures that florists across the globe can access this premium, best-selling variety for their arrangements. Quality and consistency make them an invaluable partner, supporting a steady supply of top-tier flowers.


Growing Gypsophila Xlence at Mystic Flowers
Growing and harvesting this Gypsophila variety at Mystic Flowers in Ecuador. Photo by Mystic Flowers


About their partnership, Belen Muñoz, Marketing Manager of Mystic Flowers shares:

"Our commercial relationship with Adomex began during the HPP floral show in 2016, where we first made contact. However, it wasn't until the beginning of 2017 that we finalized our alliance for the weekly supply of Gypsophila. This initial encounter at the floral show provided the foundation for our ongoing collaboration, marking the beginning of a productive partnership that has evolved and strengthened over time.

The partnership has flourished through shared knowledge, encompassing industry trends, market insights, technological advancements, and more. By leveraging our respective strengths and expertise, we've not only weathered difficult periods but also continually enhanced our capabilities. This collaborative spirit has allowed us to bring out the best in each other, ensuring our ongoing success and growth."

For its OrcaFloral label, Adomex imports the exceptionally large, pure white, and fast-growing variety, Xlence®, from its partners in Kenya and Ecuador. These countries have the perfect climate and altitude (2,250 and 2,500 meters respectively) needed to encourage good growth. Their growers let the young cuttings root on their farms and then plant them out in the field when they are about 12 weeks old. Harvesting the stems begins 14 weeks later. The plants will produce up to three harvests depending on the soil conditions.


Post harvest gypsophila process
Post-harvest process. Photo by Mystic Flowers


After harvesting the bushy stems are taken to heated greenhouses where, partly through the addition of water and sugar, they achieve the desired stage of ripeness. The stems are then sorted carefully according to their weight and quality, cooled, packed in bunches, and air freighted to the Netherlands.

Here are a few extra things they'd like you to know about this variety and how you can use it, taking designs above and beyond.

Gypsophila Xlence® - A Flower That Inspires Creativity

The product's notorious and dense inflorescence, accompanied by its straight and strong stems really adds a voluminous presence to any composition. Did you know this sturdy flower is great for shipping both by air and sea?


Gypsophila xlence used as the main flower for a design
Photo by Mystic Flowers


Trendy, stylish, and inspiring for floral compositions, that's what Gypsophila Xlence® is all about. Filler or focal flower, which one are you choosing? How about both? Since baby's breath is so versatile, it can pretty much be used anywhere and everywhere when it comes to floral design and decorative purposes.


Design using gypsophila and roses
Mixing Gypsophila Xlence® with roses to create a special arrangement filled with volume, texture, and different colors. Photo by Mystic Flowers


The delicacy of white gypsophila
The delicacy of white gyp flowers. Photo by @janine152 of Unsplash


Being multifaceted and providing resourcefulness are two main characteristics this product offers; the reason why it is so popular around the world, acting as a variety that helps create, inspire, and tell a special story behind it. 


Gypsophila Xlence in outdoor spaces
Photo by @imaginemoreflowers


To know more about this product and extra details, make sure to visit Adomex's website and Mystic Flowers.


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