Veronica Smart Jewel

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About Veronica Smart Jewel

Veronica Smart Jewel

The intense white flowers in Veronica Smart Jewel will open gradually and give elegance like a jewel to your bouquet.

Bright Summery Accents

Veronica is a great floral accessory that is ideal for combinations with other flowers in a bouquet. The branched white flowers of the Smart Jewel variety set bright accents in colorful bouquets or blend harmoniously with other white flowers in a noble floral decoration.



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Wide-Ranging Variety

Florius supplies a wide-ranging variety of fresh flowers grown from the great highlands of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Colombia. The Hypericum Coco Uno, the white Veronica, and the pink Hellebore are some of them. These flowers are cultivated with high standards of methods and procedures that make them always fresh, and healthy so that they can last longer than any other flowers.

High Standards & Quality

With over 27 years of experience in cultivating flowers, Florius keeps its standards and quality high. The whole process from production to the vase is closely-monitored to guarantee you the best flowers. At the farms there are special grading teams to sort out the Hypericums and Veronica’s.

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