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The Frida’s brand bases its recognizability on the beauty and simplicity of each floral composition and above all on the sale of high quality flowers. Today Frida's is present in Italy with its 18 stores where our demanding clientele can find daily the complete and always fresh range of cut flowers. The biggest dream of our chain is to bring flowers to all Italian homes . Our flowers, whether they are in our stores or on our e-shop portal, always have the characteristic of being fresh flowers, freshly cut and therefore of the highest quality. To ensure the highest quality of our flowers they are checked one by one in our hub where they pass daily. Only after a careful analysis and a sophisticated quality control all cut flowers that pass this step are collected and sorted in all our sales points. This complex mechanism allows the brand to guarantee the highest quality for all the flowers that decorate our floral boutiques.

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FRIDA's Italian Flower Stores Via Santa Margherita, 6, Bologna, Italië

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