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Katie Marx Flowers is a freelance florists based in Northcote, Melbourne. My team and I cater for everything from flowers for your home, corporate clients, dinner parties, installation pieces, your special day and events. Katie grew up in New Zealand.  She has always been an outdoorsy, not-afraid-to-get-her-hands-dirty type, and after finishing high school, craved nothing more than a life of surfing and picking oranges... but she also had a niggling passion for all things botanical, and it was her Mum who first encouraged her to study floristry.  Of course, working with flowers suited Katie perfectly, as it combined Katie's intuitive creativity with nature-appreciation and outdoorsy-ness, as well as promising a varied career path, with the potential for inspiring collaborations and adventures! After moving to Melbourne and cutting her teeth assisting some of the most creative florists in the business (including our very clever pal Joost Bakker), Katie went out on her own, lending her floral wizardry to all manner of events, marquees, high end restaurants and creative retailers.  Along the way Katie accumulated a hardworking and very tight knit little team, as well as settling down with her partner and chief creative collaborator Greg Hatton, with whom she has two gorgeous babes, Hazel (2.5 years) and Minnie (7 months). For Katie, life these days is divided between her flower workshop in Collingwood, and Butterland, a heritage listed ex butter factory she and Greg own in Newstead, near Castlemaine.  Whilst Greg and the kids live in Newstead fulltime, Katie spend 2-3 days each week travelling back and forth to Melbourne for work, with a lot of help from her team and her Mum!  Greg’s furniture workshop is set up at Butterland, and the family live in a small section of the building, whilst the main areas of the building and garden are hired out regularly for events, weddings and photo shoots.  It's a blissful but very busy life, and Katie takes it all in her stride!

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Katie Marx Flowers Melbourne Victoria, Australië

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