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About Róbert Bartolen

Róbert Bartolen

Róbert Bartolen is a Slovakian florist, who is mainly inspired by Central European nature. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in floristry. Róbert's work has been featured in renowned florist magazines around the world.

Florist Teacher

He works as a florist teacher, florist trainer, and trend maker for floral media. He also creates large installations for hotels, receptions, or events. Róbert's work is characterized by shapes, lines, and structures. He transforms mostly natural materials into artistic floristry. His works show the identity of the area he comes from. The Slavic theme is a frequent source of inspiration for his authorial work. Róbert has won several awards; one of the latest is International Designer of The Year 2019 for the magazine Fusion Flowers.


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Róbert Bartolen Róbert Bartolen, Braneckého 17, 949 01 Nitra, Slovakia

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