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Sören has loved flowers since childhood. Making a flower arrangement for his class tutor in the first year of secondary school proved to be the catalyst for his career. From that moment, he really started to feel the vibe of floristry and discover the world of flowers. Sören finished his last year of agriculture school in Mechelen by specializing in floristry. At school, and especially during his internship in the flower shop of Greet Verheyden, Kraeyhof in Bornem, he became familiar with the most important basic techniques. Completion of his floristry training was achieved by becoming an intern with Geert Pattyn in Geluwe. It was a place where he learned many new techniques and he was able to put into practice what he observed during the internship. By taking part in the Fleur Talent! Project, Sören got to know the entire floral supply chain and built a network of nurserymen, wholesalers, florists, etc. His internship turned into a job and he became a permanent employee of Geert Pattyn. Three years later, Sören decided to give his career a boost and become a freelance florist; doing weddings, giving workshops, seminars, demonstrations, doing exhibitions and product presentations, amongst others. Since 2018 Sören Van Laer is one of the Mater Florist who is part of the project Floos, a crafter's secret.

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Sören Van Laer Riddermoerstraat 14, 2880 Bornem, België

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