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Creating has always been a driving force Tomas de Bruyne's life. Already from a very young age, I have been enjoying the feeling of creating something from scratch and letting my imagination run wild. However, there is no such thing as creating from a void; as Gaudi very wisely stated: "the human always has to elaborate on what he already is". Tomas de Bruynes' goal is to create artistic designs within the customer's commercial framework with a clear focus on and respect for the flower's own character and quality. For Tomas, flowers are a means of expressing himself beyond any boundaries; striving for perfect harmony has become a second nature. Tomas is a judge at national and international floral competitions, gives lectures, seminars, workshops and demonstrations all over the world and has realised many prestigious projects world wide. The abundance of nature directed my path into the fantastic world of flowers and plants. I have not regretted it for a minute. Using what I learned through the years, together with what the past - a rich source of knowledge and experience - already offered, I try to take floral art to a different platform. Adding my own creativity combined with the riches that nature provides, I strive to create a harmonious togetherness of technique, knowledge and respect for this profession.

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Tomas de Bruyne Sint-Elooisstraat 105, Ruddervoorde 8020 Oostkamp, België

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