Love for Lilies
The Beauty of Lilies With 'Love for Lilies' Explore the diversity that exists within the lily world, join the movement today!
May 29 | 7 min read
Chrysal lilies care square feature on Thursd
How to Make Lilies the Perfect Flower for Special Occasions With the best tips from Chrysal and top grower Bredefleur you can never fail.
Dec 13 | 6 min read
Lilies for Autumn Holidays Are Always a Great Idea wide feature on Thursd
Lilies for Autumn Holidays Are Always a Great Idea A great way of adding color and a special, unique feeling to your spaces is with flowers. How about adding a range of nice-looking lilies for the fall holidays?
Nov 17 | 5 min read
Lilly tower Manhattan featured on Thursd
The Flower 'Lilly' Tower That Will Change Manhattan’s Skyline Forever Although most skyscrapers in New York city are beyond impressive, wait till you see what's in for the near future with this colorful, blooming building in sight.

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