The International Day of Plant Health recognizes the vital importance of plants in supporting life on earth.
International Day of Plant Health Recognizes the Vital Role of Plants in Sustaining Life Healthy plants have the power to help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development.
Africa-Grown Flowers Are Essential in the Global Flower Industry
African-Grown Flowers - Why You Should Not Give Up on Them The continent's flower sector is a key contributor to the overall global flower industry. It therefore needs to be recognized as such.
KFC’s 14 Days of Flowers Campaign Showcases Kenya as the Best Place to Invest in Flowers
Kenya Flower Council’s 14-Day Campaign to Promote the Country’s Flowers A campaign that, coupled with other similar ones, seeks to boost Kenya's flower industry.
Feb 21 | 8 min read
Singapore's Pan Pacific Orchard Overflows With Lush Vegetation and Nature
City Building in Singapore Has Terraces Overgrown With Lush Tropical Plants The 'Pan Pacific Orchard' is a nature-inspired property nestled amongst the malls and built-up areas of the famous Orchard Road.
Isparta's Age-Old Floral and Perfumery Heritage
Isparta - A Quaint Turkish Region Dazzling With Its Flower and Perfumery Heritage A city known for its distinctive and fragrant roses that are used in the perfume industry.
Nov 22 | 8 min read
Indian environmentalist Jadav Payeng replants Molai Forest
Jadav Payeng Is the Forest Man of India The environmentalist grows trees on a river island, creating a forest that provides habitats for wildlife and protects the community.
Nov 15 | 7 min read
The whimsical charm of cottage gardens.
Cottage Gardens Are Whimsically Pleasant Spaces These gardens where plants and flowers flourish wildly have an enduring appeal that goes beyond time and trends.
Climate People
What Do We Say to Climate People? We should not only have the right answer, but we should proactively influence the perception people have of flowers, and plants, and change it for the better.
Oct 13 | 11 min read
National Farmers Day Honors Farmers' Role
National Farmers Day Honors Their Role in Agriculture and Sustainability Farmers play a pivotal role in ensuring our food security and the sustainability of life on this planet.
Oct 04 | 7 min read
Ecological Architect Vincent Callebaut's Design ​of the Greenhouse
A Green Project That Will Have Users Revel in Nature and Sustainability Elements Belgian ecological architect, Vincent Callebaut's project creates a space that is perfect to live and have fun in the heart of lush nature.
National Wildlife Day highlights the significance of animals in nature.
National Wildlife Day Highlights the Importance of Animals in the Sustainability of Nature National Wildlife Day was established in 2005 and its primary objective was to raise awareness about the need for wildlife conservation. 
Orchid is regarded as Kenya’s unofficial national flower.
Which Is Kenya’s National Flower? The orchid has been propounded by many people, to be Kenya's national flower as it embodies the country's unique beauty and diversity. 

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