Kenya Flower Council’s 14-Day Campaign to Promote the Country’s Flowers

A campaign that, coupled with other similar ones, seeks to boost Kenya's flower industry.

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KFC’s 14 Days of Flowers Campaign Showcases Kenya as the Best Place to Invest in Flowers

In the course of the two weeks leading up to this year’s Valentine’s Day, Kenya Flower Council (KFC), the umbrella organization that advocates and promotes the interests of the floriculture industry in the East Africa country — a key flower producer globally - ran a unique crusade. 14 Days of Flowers, is aptly named so because of the momentousness of the occasion, and — perhaps — the coincidence with the day dedicated to lovers. Flowers are, after all, the main language to communicate love and passion. This campaign showcases different varieties of Kenyan flowers and more than that!

Part of the #boldbeautifulkenyanflower campaign, 14 Days of Flowers, according to KFC CEO, Clement Tulezi, came in handy and sought to drive home the message of what the Kenyan flower is all about. It sought to highlight just how important the country’s flower industry is, not just for economic development, but also at a more social level; improving flower use among Kenyans, just as it is elsewhere across the world where buying flowers for just about any occasion is commonplace.

KFC’s Strategies in Its Mission to Promote Kenyan Flowers

Flowers are an important cog in Kenya’s economy. The country’s flower industry contributes significantly to economic development, bringing in between KSh 100 billion and KSh120 billion (between USD 690 million and USD 830 million) annually.


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
Harvesting delphiniums at one of @marginpar's numerous farms in Kenya. The grower has farms in other countries in the region.


And this flowerful trend is on an upward trajectory, according to Mr. Tulezi.

Clement Tulezi:

“Up to 95% of all flowers traded commercially across the world can successfully be grown in Kenya. As a country, we have the best ecological conditions for growing flowers. In fact, Kenya is one of the four countries across the world where flowers can be grown all through the year; alongside Colombia, Ecuador, and Ethiopia. The altitude and location at the equator present all the right conditions for flower growing” 


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
KFC CEO Clement Tulezi (left) with Thursd's Arnold Wittkamp.
Photo by @kenyaflowercouncil


Kenya, Mr. Tulezi, maintains, will always be a dominant player in the flower industry. And with the right institutions and policies, the country’s floriculture could, annually, easily generate KSh200 billion (USD1.4 billion) or more in the coming 5 - 10 years. It, practically, is a country whose flower industry is one to look out for, going by the evolving trends.

It is for this reason that KFC is, always, on a drive to ensure that Kenya’s flowers consistently remain of the very best quality, and lobbies for the ideal policies to support this important industry, not just for the country, but also for other regions across the world. This is given that Kenya alone supplies roughly 40% of all the flowers delivered to markets in Europe.


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
An assortment of flowers grown by @exceptionalafricalla


For instance, KFC has its self-regulations and systems and Code of Practice to ensure compliance with all that is expected of the floriculture industry and flower production processes. An example of such is the KFC Flowers and Ornamentals Sustainability Standards (FOSS), commonly known as KFC Silver and Gold Standard. This is one of the very best standards worldwide for cut flowers and ornamentals.

And the fact that Kenya remains among the top three cut flower growers and exporters globally, this standard is highly applicable, as it is a certitude that international markets are the most important marketplaces for the country’s flowers.


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
Different varieties of roses bred by @deruitereastafrica which is based in Naivasha.


Mr. Tulezi:

“Almost 99% of the flowers grown in Kenya are meant for international markets. Even though we continually run campaigns to encourage Kenyans to buy their locally-grown flowers as well, international markets still remain the biggest consumers of our flowers.”

The 14 Days of Flowers and Other KFC Drives

To actualize the country’s strategy to build and enhance its flower industry, KFC has just the right recipe. Campaigns to promote its floriculture! The 14 Days of Flowers has had all the prerequisites needed to promote the country’s flower industry. 


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
Rose Pink O'Hara grown at @tambuziroses.


On each of the 14 days before Valentine’s Day, KFC came up with informational messages just to get people to know more about Kenyan flowers. Case in point is the fact that the flower farming sector in Kenya serves as a vital source of employment, and embraces a diverse range of roles such as farm workers, agronomists, packers, drivers, and administrative personnel. Numerous rural communities, accordingly, depend on this industry for their livelihoods and economic resilience.

This industry is also a significant contributor to Kenya's economy, generating substantial revenue through exports and providing foreign exchange earnings. It also plays a crucial role in supporting other sectors, such as transportation, packaging, and logistics.


Octoflor at IFTF
Based at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, @octo_flor delivers fresh-cut flowers from growers and suppliers.


And did you know, for instance, that Kenya produces a wide variety of flowers, including roses, carnations, lilies, alstroemerias, and gypsophila, among many others? And that this diversity allows Kenyan flower farms to cater to different market preferences and seasonal demands! Well, now you know, courtesy of this unique campaign by KFC!

That’s not enough as in Kenya, flower growers are cultivating a culture of innovation. They are practically implementing state-of-the-art irrigation systems to conserve water, and investing in renewable energy, as well as adopting integrated pest management (IPM) practices to protect biodiversity. 


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
Limonium can also be found grown on Kenyan flower farms.
Photo by @theflowerhubkenya



“Our flower farms are not just about cultivating blooms; we are sowing the seeds for a future where innovation and sustainability intertwine. This makes Kenyan flowers highly sought after in international markets due to their sustainable production methodologies, quality, variety, long shelf life, and low carbon footprint too!

The country’s major export destinations include Europe, particularly the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Germany, as well as in emerging markets like the United States, Middle East, and several Far East countries.”


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
At @red_lands_roses_plc one will find different varieties of roses.


Plus, the fact that KFC’s grower members demonstrate a strong commitment to social sustainability through significant investment in community development initiatives, to enhance the welfare of both employees and local communities.

These growers prioritize initiatives such as ensuring fair wages for workers, constructing educational and healthcare facilities, as well as implementing projects for clean water and hygiene. All these efforts underscore a collective dedication to fostering inclusive growth and prosperity for all stakeholders involved in the country’s flower sector.


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
Hydrangeas are also grown on several flower farms in Kenya.
Photo by @theflowerhubkenya


In essence, KFC describes Kenyan flowers as nature's confetti; where each petal is a tiny testament to life's rich floral beauty and existence.

What’s more, the value addition of Kenyan flowers is a key strategy that KFC encourages through partnerships. Different organizations, including Dutch Flower Group, are setting up facilities that boost the value addition of Kenyan flowers by making assorted bouquets specifically tailored and ready for consumers. Sian Flowers, whose Director Chris Kulei was recently installed as the chairperson of KFC’s Board of Directors, also makes its own packed-at-source bouquets.


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
Sian's different varieties of summer flowers which the grower uses to create packed-at-source bouquets.
Photo by @sianflowerskenya


Still yet, KFC established the Kenya Flower Vendors Association, a collective that helps florists in key cities across the country to drive the flower gospel, and continually works closely with foreign missions to grow flower markets beyond its traditional flower marketplaces.

The Best Place to Invest in Flowers!

All said and done, and given the best ecological conditions that Kenya has for flower cultivation, the requirement is to now reiterate the fact that the country is the best place to invest in flowers.


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
A wide range of roses grown by @uhuruflowers


As Mr. Tulezi reaffirms:

“We are certain that if certain issues are addressed in the flower industry, then it will be the most key industry for both the country’s economic development and employ hundreds of thousands of Kenyans.”

Studies, Mr Tulezi reaffirmed, indicate that mental health is quite a big challenge in today's world. And Kenya's flower industry - as well as other countries' flower sectors - has just the right product to alleviate some of the challenges posed by mental health and replace them with better mental well-being, while ensuring positivity for all people. Flowers!


Kenya Flower Council​ 14 Days of Flowers
A bouquet made up of different Kenyan-grown flowers.
Photo by @kenyaflowerfestival


Now, indeed, you know that this East African country is, definitely, one of the very best places anywhere in the world for one to invest in flowers.

Here's an overview of the Kenya Flower Council's 14 Days of Flowers Campaign:


KFC Campaign 14 Days of Flowers 1-7
KFC Campaign 14 Days of Flowers 8-14


Feel free to download the PDF of the KFC Campaign 14 Days of Flowers.


Feature image by @kenyaflowerfestival, and header image by @kenyaflowercouncil.



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