Kunming Calla Horticulture Company's Marco Zhang Brings Kapiteyn’s Captain Calla Varieties to China
Chinese New Year Festivities Enriched With Captain Calla Nuances The unique flowers bred by Dutch breeder Kapiteyn have found their niche in China.
Kapiteyn Interview Grower Support feature on Thursd
Invaluable Advice for Calla Growers Kapiteyn's Grower Support team shares its knowledge with his customers around the world.
Sep 27 | 9 min read
Kapiteyn Captain Calla DNA feature on Thursd
The DNA of the Captain Calla Pot Plant Shows Its Quality and Class Breeder Kapiteyn explains all about the added values of this rich-flowering beauties.
Kapiteyn Captain Calla
The Calla Evolution of Kapiteyn Captain Calla A journey of beauty and innovation of these romantic and wonderful flowers and plants.
Jun 21 | 5 min read
Rob de Boer Calla Featured
Visiting the De Boer Calla and Hortensia Nursery Specialization and focus are key, this grower is thinking of removing hydrangea and focusing entirely on calla.
Oct 26 | 4 min read

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