Captain Calla Days - A Chance to Immerse Yourself in the World of Calla Lilies

From June 4th to 14th, bulb flower breeder Kapiteyn shares its calla expertise and the latest breeding developments.

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Captain Calla Days - An Opportunity to Fully Get into the Calla Lily World

The spring season gradually draws towards a close and with that, its flowers also begin to give way to the summer season's bright-colored blooms. The transition presents an opportunity for showcasing flowers that are actually all about the cheer of the summer months. Thus, from June 4th to 14th, 2024, Kapiteyn, the renowned breeder of exquisite bulb flowers, hosts the highly anticipated Captain Calla Days, an event that looks set to offer a memorable summery experience.

Showcasing the incredible beauty of calla flowers, while posing a unique occasion to connect with experts in the production of these bulb flowers, Captain Calla Days presents an exclusive platform for these flowers’ fans to experience the elegance of the calla flowers firsthand in a floral event offering a chance to witness the latest creations and innovations from Kapiteyn's Calla breeding program.

The Allure of Calla Lily Flowers

Elegant, trumpet-shaped, and colorful blooms, calla flowers — also known as Zantedeschia — have long been highly regarded as a symbol of chic and sophistication. They arouse a sense of refinement and poise. As such, they are a popular choice for festive events like weddings, anniversaries, and other such special occasions.


​Captain Calla Days
Kapiteyn's Calla Captain Lido®
Photo by @captain.calla


Kapiteyn, a family business that has been growing and trading flower bulbs since 1926, holds an impressive assortment of these flowers in its equally impressive portfolio. The breeder’s fervor for developing exceptional calla varieties has led to the creation of truly unique and appealing flowers that are sure to enthrall guests at the Captain Calla Days.


“The love for flower bulbs is deeply rooted at Kapiteyn. For four generations, everything we do has revolved around this beautiful product. We develop new varieties, we grow the best of the best and we have a strong trading network. Flower bulbs are in our nature.

As a breeder of callas, we do not settle for new varieties alone. We work daily to improve and further develop our range of pot and cut callas - and with success! The Captain Calla brand is now known worldwide, not least because we can deliver every day of the year.”


​Captain Calla Days
A flower arrangement with Captain Callas


Learning and Networking Opportunities at the Calla Extravaganza

If you are a flower enthusiast, or a lover of all things floral, green, and growing, then Kapiteyn's Captain Calla Days is a floral fair you wouldn’t want to miss. Taking place at the breeder’s modern test and breeding center in Anna Paulowna, North Holland, this event is a festival of the beautiful calla flower; a labor of love grown and bred by Kapiteyn.

Admire all the current varieties and upcoming novelties, meet all the breeding specialists, speak to your account manager, ask all the questions to make your business thrive with callas.


Sam Timmer from Kapiteyn Captain Calla
Sam Timmer, one of Kapiteyn's breeders


This year, Captain Calla Days promises to showcase even more extensive collections of stunning calla varieties that are sure to impress with their unique shapes, colors, and patterns. It will, basically, be a celebration of all things calla where those in attendance have the opportunity to be enclosed in an amazing array of calla flowers, each one demonstrating Kapiteyn's expertise, innovation, and colorful calla excellence.


Captain Calla Days
A showcase of Captain Callas


It is an event that will feature elaborate displays, interactive exhibits, and insightful workshops, providing a comprehensive understanding of these regal flowers.


“During the Captain Calla Days, we like to share and connect all calla expertise with the latest breeding developments with our professional visitors. Our breeding and show greenhouse is fully prepared with new and proven genetics to present for both pot and cut flower production, including quality trials. We also will inspire you with the latest trends in presenting and using Captain Callas at the marketplace.”


Captain Calla Days


The Captain Calla Days will also allow industry professionals to connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and build relationships valuable for floral trades. Here, the breeder will exchange ideas with growers, wholesalers, and retailers, and discuss market trends while exploring potential partnerships and collaborations. The event is, therefore, an ideal setting for anyone looking to expand their network in the flower industry, more so when it comes to callas and other floral products from Kapiteyn.

What’s more, the occasion which is a showcase of the latest calla varieties, offers an ideal opportunity for people to gain insight into the latest trends and developments in calla breeding. Thus, growers, florists, and garden enthusiasts present can look forward to exploring a wide range of callas; from potting options to cut flowers.


Captain Calla Days
Calla Captain Melrose®.
Photo by @captain.calla


Kapiteyn's latest varieties including Calla Captain Beluga®, Calla Captain Osorno®, Calla Captain Redwood®, Calla Captain Nevado®, and many others will be on showcase. One, then, has the prospect of learning the stories behind these flowers, discovering their breeding process, and even being stimulated by their attractiveness.


Calla Captain Redwood and Nevado by Kapiteyn
Calla Captain Redwood® and Captain Nevado®


Just to sum it up, one can expect a spectacular display of calla flowers, featuring Kapiteyn's latest varieties and innovations, interactive workshops and demonstrations offering an understanding of the art of breeding, growing, and arranging calla flowers, opportunities to connect with industry experts, including breeders, growers, wholesalers, and retailers, a chance to experience the latest trends and developments in the industry, and an unforgettable experience of being amidst the beauty of Calla flowers, during the Captain Calla Days.


​Captain Calla Days


The Uniqueness of the All-Round Calla Flowers

Whether grown in a garden or cut, calla flowers are an absolute beauty. They are easy to grow and elegant, therefore, an important addition to any garden or indoor space. With flowers that bloom for weeks and foliage that remains attractive for long, these flowers are almost a year-round favorite of floral enthusiasts. The range of varieties suits anywhere from borders and beds to containers and cutting gardens.

Plus, their versatility, elegance, and long-lasting nature make them a favorite for floral arrangements, therefore, a hit in wedding bouquets, and a splendid addition to any special event. Thus, with their beauty taking center stage, during the Captain Calla Days, Kapiteyn ensures that everyone remains inspired and imparted with a fresh view of these exotic flowers.


Captain Calla Days

Captain Calla Days


You can, therefore, mark your schedules and join the Kapiteyn team and other floral aficionados for a celebration of calla flowers, and discover why they are a must-have for all summer floral arrangements.


Photos courtesy of Kapiteyn.


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