Two Brides and Two Bouquets
Two Brides and Two Bouquets They loved how I created the bouquets and accessories for each of them, reflecting each one's personality and style.
Vintage Charm in Peach Fuzz
Peach Fuzz - Embrace the Warmth The petals of roses, lilies, germini, dianthus, and tulips intertwined, creating a cocoon of nature's embrace: a frame of Peach Fuzz flowers.
Floral Designs
Apr 17 | 2 min read
Winter Wonderland Snow Queen (1)
Winter Wonderland Snow Queen Can you imagine how incredibly proud I am to work with this awesome team creating such a magnificent mysterious scene?
Floral Designs
Jan 05 | 1 min read
Blog by Laura Draghici for Hallowoon Featured on Thursd
Halloween Showtime With a Floral Hat and a Handmade Floral Jewel  When I heard the story of these two young artists, I was amazed: I admire them for chasing their dreams.
Half and Something More From My Heart Waiting for Yours This is my design with helleborus - one of my favorites this time of the year. And it's waiting for another heart to make it whole...
Floral Designs Valentine
Feb 15 | 2 min read
Two Faces and Floral Jewelry on the Cover of Lace Magazine Inspiration from the Statue of Liberty in New York
Apr 11 | 2 min read
A 'Different' Mother's Day By Laura Draghici
May 06 | 2 min read

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