Ken Kelleher's Artistic Floral Designs and Creations
Ken Kelleher's Artistically Quirky Floral Designs and Creations A curiosity to experimentation and an artistic vision have propelled him to the forefront of contemporary art seamlessly blending form, function, and imagination.
Flowers captured in historical art and paintings.
An Epic Journey of Flowers Through the History of Art and Paintings Flowers have long provided artists with a rich and versatile visual vocabulary that allows them to communicate their thoughts.
Aug 23 | 10 min read
Model in pink peony outfit
Transcending Floral Art With Hilke Muslim Hilke Muslim's Instagram feed is proof of the boundless possibilities of art and how her imagination has no limits.
Aug 02 | 3 min read
Grif Porsche gif
GRIF Makes Objects Sprout to Life Through Digital Artworks Surrealistic depictions of familiar objects, scenes, and characters, each in motion and growing flowers.
Jul 13 | 3 min read
Pink Sets the Tone in the Immersive Installations by Cyril Lancelin Digital or real, his works offer an essentially optimistic vision, drawing an artificial and experiential landscape.
Nov 28 | 3 min read
Nature Blooms From the Human Body in the Digital Collages of Charles Bentley His artwork leverages fashion photography and the natural world to create dynamic, surreal compositions.
Nov 24 | 1 min read
Shy Studio's Artificial Bloom - Digital Flowers Inspired by Natural Patterns Their own fascination with flowers and the way they are structured, and the way their petals and leaves are arranged and follow certain patterns.
Oct 13 | 2 min read

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