How to Incorporate a Trend Color Like Passion Red and Viva Magenta in Your Proposal Details Flowers Software has many tools in its program. With a 15-minute virtual tour, you can find out if it's possible to add color easily to your proposals.
Planning an Event Has Never Been Easier With Details Flowers Software you have so many tools to make it easier to make proposals and organize flowers for weddings and events smoothly.
Jan 11 | 5 min read
A Plethora of Educational Opportunities at the Great Lakes Floral & Events Expo One of the most renowned floral and events conventions is a ‘must-attend’ for any member of the floral and events industry.
Jan 26 | 2 min read
5 World-Famous Event Planning Companies That Will Wow You These world-famous event planning companies set the bar high year after year. And, their thoughtful, stage-stealing events leave guests lasting impressions.
Oct 18 | 6 min read
The World's Best Flower Fairs & Festivals You Definitely Want to Visit It's time to start planning your trips to these flower events again!
Jul 22 | 8 min read
The 2020 EUROPA CUP for Florists here’s all you need to know!
Feb 24 | 5 min read
IPM Essen 2020 First impressions
Jan 27 | 1 min read
Seven highlighted expos in 2020 the most important and most exciting expo’s to visit this year
Jan 17 | 4 min read
World Floral Expo 2020 Not to miss, International Floral Trade Show in New York
Jan 08 | 3 min read
Cara Fitch - A Canadian Florist Working Down Under I had design ideas that were bursting to come out and it was exciting to have creative control
FlowersExpo Russia 10-12 september 2019 Moscow
Jul 01 | 1 min read

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