The Heart of God and the Love He Has for All Mankind As my background I chose a detail of the painting of The Lamb of God by Van Eyck: Adam, the first man of creation.
May 04 | 2 min read | Floral Designers
Eternal Flow - A Zen Evoking Garden Impulses from my subconsciousness come through and I use the images to start creating my design.
May 10 | 3 min read | Art
My Grandmother's Garden Was My Piece of Personal Paradise My memories bring me back to this very calm and peaceful place.
May 04 | 1 min read | Floral Designers
Rita Van Gansbeke Created Floral Hopeful Sunbeams - The Story of the Child and the Sun and the Gnomes Because the world needs light and sun, to live life to the fullest, plants need sun for photosynthesis, to keep on growing.
May 03 | 2 min read | Floral Designers
Floraliën Ghent 2022 - A Walk Through Paradise From April 29 to May 8 2022, Ghent is in the spotlight with "My Paradise, My Worldly Garden" - the theme of Floraliën Ghent.
May 01 | 4 min read | News

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