Odilon Redon painting
10 Famous Flower Paintings That Bring Life to the Canvas These classic flower depictions serve as reminders of how much nature has to give and that some of the best inspiration can be found right outside your door.
Oct 18 | 9 min read
Kara Sargent art
Flower Paintings Brought to Life With a Blow Dryer by Kara Sargent Like a magician wielding a paintbrush and a hairdryer, Kara Sargent conjures up captivating flower canvas compositions.
May 31 | 3 min read
Thursd Wide Feature Maria Marta Morelli Brings Peonies to Life in Exuberant Oil Paintings
Maria Marta Morelli Brings Peonies to Life in Exuberant Oil Paintings "With their incredible, though fleeting, beauty and freshness, flowers fill us with hope and convince us that life is worth living."
Mar 22 | 2 min read
In Full Bloom: A Unique Floral Exposition of Dutch Masters From the 17th Century The world's first florists were painters - The Golden Age of Floral Art is presented in a feast of colors at this museum.
Feb 10 | 10 min read
Rafael Silveira Blurs the Lines of Time in His Billowy Soft Dreamscapes Silveira’s seemingly out-of-place subjects seem to harbor a sense of content amidst the chaos, embracing the voyage into worlds beyond their own.
Jan 05 | 2 min read
Andy Warhol's Fascination With Line Drawings and Flowers Rather than showcasing his typical pop art style, the portfolios prove Warhol’s skill across genres.
Aug 19 | 4 min read

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