Florist College Programs Featured
6 College Programs to Explore if You Want to Be a Florist As an industry, floristry seems to be appealing and magical, but there are still features of this craft that should be kept in mind.
Oct 21 | 6 min read
Linda Nielsen on Thursd - Featured
A Floral Interview With Linda Nielsen - Friend and Assistant from Gregor Lersch Linda Nielsen is a freelance florist and teacher from Denmark, and works very closely with Floral Guru Gregor Lersch.
Jul 03 | 5 min read
Frédéric Dupré's Design Chrysalis for Venini at the Home Faber Blossoming Beauty - On Thursd (2)
Frédéric Dupré Talks About the Handcrafted Glass Vases at Homo Faber Blossoming Beauty Watch how the master glassblowers of Venini joined forces with talented floral artists to create unique handcrafted and blown glass creations.
Apr 25 | 5 min read
A Safari Sunset in My Africa Bouquet I was blessed to learn techniques from Gregor Lersch, Françoise Weeks, Susan McLeary, and more, as well as the EMC program that I incorporate in my designs here in South Africa.
Feb 16 | 3 min read
Do You Know Hitomi Gilliam? We Bet You DO! One of the most remarkable women in floristry
Mar 03 | 4 min read

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