Heemskerk Orca Salal of Adomex
Why Wholesaler Heemskerk Flowers Endorses Orca Green An interview with sales manager Dennis Kromhout about the quality label for foliage.
Mar 15 | 4 min read
Leverano In Fiori and Arteflorando - the Biggest Floral Event in Italy - on Thursd
Leverano in Fiori and Arteflorando - the Biggest Floral Event in Italy Floral designers from many countries come to Leverano to help decorate the city under the guidance of Anna Maria Spedicato, and Ivan Bergh. And thousands of visitors enjoy the result.
Jun 15 | 4 min read
Chrysanthemum Santini Maverick Sunny from Floritec  to bring a smile on your face  - on Thursd
Do You Want to Light Up the Entrance for Your Party? Chrysanthemum Santini Maverick Sunny Is the Right Choice! "I talk to my clients about what they want to create emotionally to decide on which flowers will do the trick."
May 24 | 3 min read
Think in Fifty Shades of Green Scorched Earth calls for me to think 'green'.

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