I​FTEX 2024 Truly Showcased a Successful Floral Exhibition.
IFTEX 2024 Really Was a Floral Showcase Success A floral fair that, definitely, left those in attendance yearning for more and looking forward to the next edition.
Jun 12 | 6 min read
Thursd Celebrates Kenya’s Flower Industry at IFTEX
At the 2024 IFTEX Thursd Celebrates the Beauty and Bounty of Kenyan Flowers The platform's commitment to acknowledging the country's renowned flower industry goes deeper than just recognition.
May 15 | 4 min read
IFTEX Poised for Successful Showing with All Systems in Order
IFTEX - It Is All Systems Go! Converging all players in the global flower industry to network, engage, and trade.
HPP Exhibitions CEO Dick Van Raamsdonk Promises Flower Industry’s Excellence on Display at IFTEX
IFTEX Is About Showcasing Excellence in the Flower Industry Through the exhibition, HPP offers a tool for keeping up to date with the current developments in Kenya's floriculture.
KFC’s 14 Days of Flowers Campaign Showcases Kenya as the Best Place to Invest in Flowers
Kenya Flower Council’s 14-Day Campaign to Promote the Country’s Flowers A campaign that, coupled with other similar ones, seeks to boost Kenya's flower industry.
Feb 21 | 8 min read
10 Questions to Disha Copreaux, the CEO of Red Lands Roses
10 Questions to Disha Copreaux, the CEO of Red Lands Roses "I want Kenya to be positioned as a leading and competitive flower grower in the world."
​Naivasha​ is dubbed the​ capital of Kenya's​ flower industry.
Why Naivasha Is the Undisputed Capital of Kenya's Blooming Flower Industry This town has over the years earned a remarkable reputation for being one of the most important regions in the country's flower industry.
Sep 21 | 7 min read

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