Levi Evers from Bredefleur at Bloomon
Huge Success for #GrowYourOwn by Bredefleur Discover how BredeFleur's innovative campaign #GrowYourOwn transformed lily wholesaling with a social media sensation.
Flowers Remarkable
Mar 14 | 3 min read
Lily Lasting Love
Lasting Love Lilies New and special at Bredefleur!
Floral Designs
Jan 03 | 4 min read
Peter van Delft visiting Bredefleur
Visiting Lily Grower Bredefleur Cultivating a variety of lilies, including Asiatic, Oriental, Longiflorum, and LA hybrid lilies, which are sold both domestically in the Netherlands and internationally to customers in Europe, North America, and Asia.
Mar 15 | 4 min read
Bredefleur Friend - Levi evers - On Thursd. Featured
Making the Connection Between a Lily Grower and Florists Want to find out how Levi Evers from Bredefleur gives lily fans a podium?
Jun 12 | 3 min read
Levi Evers from Bredefleur Explains Cutting raw or ripe is a sensitive matter for lilies
Jun 10 | 3 min read

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