Making the Connection Between a Lily Grower and Florists

Want to find out how Levi Evers from Bredefleur gives lily fans a podium?

By: THURSD. | 12-06-2022 | 3 min read
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It is a trend amongst growers and suppliers in floriculture. They want to get in touch with their end customer, the floral designer. In the flower industry, this is not that easy. Flowers, plants, and other supplies travel long distances and are handed over to many different stakeholders in the logistical chain. Many times. There are many ways products go from the source to the final destination, and for the producers, it is often impossible to know how and why their products are being sold, and how they are used.


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The Logistical Chain

Someone once said, that there are over 50 ways flowers, plants, and related products travel from the source to a final customer. Maybe there are even more. To give just one example, lilies grown in the Netherlands, are being delivered by the grower at the flower auction to being offered for sale at the flower auction clocks. Let's say, Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer. There is a buyer from a commissionary company who buys it at the clock. Then it goes to an exporter who delivers it at a cash&carry in Italy. Where it is being picked up by a wholesaler who delivers at the door to a floral designer. It goes through 5 different companies. How can the grower know what happens with his lilies? 

He can't.


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Levi Evers From Bredefleur

Now there's a grower who understands what it takes to get in touch and make the connection with floral designers; Levi Evers from lily growers  Bredefleur.

Levi feels a real connection with florists. He hosts visits of floral designers to the nursery, and he is confident he shares the same passion for flowers as floral designers do. He tries to get in touch with as many floral designers as possible because he believes they all work with great enthusiasm. He is a producer of beautiful lilies, and flower designers are inspired by his flowers and create beautiful flower designs and bouquets.

"This creates a connection between us, and that gives me a kick. For us, it’s a confirmation that we are more than just flower producers."


Levi Evers from Bredefleur
Levi Evers from Bredefleur


Look Beyond the Flower Traders and Wholesalers

Levi understands, that in order to connect the entire supply chain, you really need to look beyond the flower traders and the wholesalers. For Levi, it's the florist who ultimately works with their flowers. In order to strengthen the contact between Bredefleur and florists, they are keen to provide floral designers with a podium. Noting that they do need and always will work with the traders, and wholesalers, as they are an indispensable part of the logistical flower chain. But it is the floral designer in the end who uses the flowers.


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Pascal Zijlmans 


Bredefleur Friend (BFF)

To get in touch with floral designers on a regular base, the people from Bredefleur select a Bredefleur Friend (BFF) every month. Someone who shows how they work creatively with their flowers. Florists are invited to let Bredefleur know that they are keen to take part in the BFF program to receive the latest and most innovative lilies. Then a space is reserved on the Bredefleur website to showcase the designs. One of the first Bredefleur Friends is Ruxandra Molin from Romania.


Bredefleur Friends is Ruxandra Molin from Romania
Picture by Ruxandra Molin


Are you interested to learn more about the BFF program, then visit the Bredefleur website, and make sure to start following Levi's blog posts.


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