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By: PETER VAN DELFT | 03-01-2024 | 4 min read
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Lily Lasting Love

Hi, fellow flower lovers. I was again invited to Bredefleur, a well-known lily grower in the Netherlands. Run by 3 brothers (4th to come), this nursery is a true example of a successful family business, where the exquisite Bredefleur lilies come to life. This blog is especially about one of their top varieties, Lily OT Lasting Love.

Bredefleur Lilies

Bredefleur in Luttelgeest, is a beacon of quality and innovation in floriculture. Founded with a vision to produce the finest lilies, Bredefleur has a special cultivation process. Each lily is grown with unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring every flower meets their high standards of quality. The journey from a bulb to a captivating flower is a special sight here at Bredefleur.

What sets Bredefleur also apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. They embrace environmentally friendly practices, ensuring that their cultivation process yields beautiful flowers and contributes positively to the ecosystem. This approach has cemented Bredefleur's position as a leader in sustainable lily cultivation.

Lily OT Lasting Love From Bredefleur

The lilies of Bredefleur are renowned for their heavy quality, vibrant colors, enticing fragrances, and beauty. Each variety tells its own unique story, a blend of nature and Bredefleur's dedication. One variety deserves some extra attention, and I let one of the 3 brothers who own the company explain. Levi Evers:

"Lily O.T Lasting Love is a real winner, a beautiful big lily with very deep calyxes, a deep red color, a glossy shine, and very beautiful dark green leaves. Lasting Love is a variety we think of could be the next winner, and is available every day at Bredefleur. Still in small numbers. And hopefully more to come soon. We are happy some of our BFF's have already worked with this lily."


Levi Evers with Lily Lasting Love
Levi Evers with Lily Lasting Love


Bredefleur Friends And Lily 'Lasting Love'

Bredefleur's story is not just about growing lilies; it's about crafting a legacy via their initiative Bredefleur Friends. At Bredefleur they see that many creative florists share the same passion. Bredefleur's mission is to connect different chains in the floral industry because they believe that together we can achieve so much more. By connecting their lily fans (BFFs), they can share inspiration and challenge each other creatively. One of the designers who worked with Lasting Love Lilies was the German floral designer Erko Feigl:

"As evidenced by Lasting Love, lilies have undergone a revival, emerging from a newfound admiration and feeling revitalized.
I often remember my grandmother's day, when the lily, in all its beauty, was regrettably called a "graveyard flower," as a third-generation floral designer. This connotation made this magnificent flower, at least temporarily, "unsuitable" as a gift, casting a very gloomy shadow over it. Usually, especially in Germany, one could only truly appreciate its breathtaking beauty when planning a funeral."

Lily Lasting Love design by Erko Feigl
Lily Lasting Love design by Erko Feigl

Erko Feigl continues:

"But as is frequently the case, things changed with time. The lily is enjoying a newfound appreciation after going through a renaissance that has left it refreshed and renewed. Its alluring aroma has captivated many, its grandeur and strength are indisputable, and its natural affinity with the natural world is strong.
And with good reason. Our craft has been enhanced in stunning ways by the diversity of lily variations. Some have a subtle, organic beauty that comes through in their development and blossoming. Conversely, some have extravagant double flowers that resemble baroque ornamentation. They are just gorgeous, with or without their unique scent."


Lily design by Erko Feigl


Also, renowned floral designer Ivan Bergh worked with the same lily, creating a lovely design as well. Ivan Bergh:

"A few weeks ago, I received the Lasting Love lily from Dutch grower Bredefleur. From the moment I saw these beautiful flowers, I was inspired to create a Christmas themed design."


Lily Lasting Love design by Ivan Bergh
Lily Lasting Love design by Ivan Bergh


As I continue to walk through the lily fields in the greenhouses of Bredefleur, it's clear that this nursery is more than just a place where lily flowers grow. Bredefleur stands as a shining example of how working together, passion, dedication, and sustainable practices can come together to create something truly magnificent. It is great to see the effort that this company makes to not only produce the finest lilies but also thinks about how to market them in the best ways.

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Peter van Delft

I am always on the lookout for new flowers, specialties, novelties, and products coming into the season. Working in the Dutch flower industry enables me to see the prettiest flowers in the world, and I can say I really love it!



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