German Floral Designers Enthralled by Decofresh's Rose Game Changer
German Designers Love Rose Game Changer This rose has, virtually, all the qualities that a floral designer would want in a flower.
Erko Feigl Sideau Floral Blocks feature on Thursd
My Mother's Day Design With Plastic Free Floral Blocks Every step towards more sustainability lets our world shine in bloom in the future. Without a guilty conscience!
Erko feigl Featured
I Love and Live Flowers This is my story of how I became the capturer of our craftsmanship that I am today.
Rose Moccachino by Andreas Frank feature on Thursd
Rose Moccachino Is Loved by Renowned Florists This soft pink beauty has quickly risen to become a star rose among popular floral designers.
Floral Designs Roses
Jan 26 | 4 min read

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